Quotations for Daily Use


"A little chimney is soon fired . . ." William Hubbard, (1621 September 24, 1704) was an American clergyman and historian. (William Hubbard was talking about Capt. Standish who was very short. He had been forced to shorten his rapier by six inches - otherwise the tip of his sword's scabbard would have dragged along the ground when he slung it from his waist. The full quote is: "A little chimney is soon fired, so was the Plymoth captain, a man of very little stature, yet of a very hot and angry temper.")

"Always be willing to listen and slow to speak. Do not become angry easily . . . " James 1:19 NIV

Anger is only one letter short of danger! Unknown

"He held the anger away from himself and did not enter into it; he could not enter into it. 'My dear brothers,' Saint James had written, 'take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger.' He had listened, and he would say nothing." 3rd person about Timothy Kavanagh's thoughts in Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good by Jan Karon

"He was no liar, he was not bloody and cruel . . . ; in anger and passion he was soon reclaimed; easy to be reconciled towards such as had offended him; [he] ruled by reason in such measure as he would not scorn the advice of mean men; and . . . he governed his men better with few strokes than others did with many; truly loving where he loved." Hobbamock, Hobbamock was a Native American who served as a guide, interpreter, and aide to the Pilgrims of Plymouth, Massachusetts; He was a Pokanoket pniese speaking about Massosoit.

"I am quick flame, he is slow-burning ember. . . Our counselor who has a wood stove says any good fire is both." Lace Harper, a character in Come Rain or Come Shine by Jan Karon

"If I valued the honorable Gentlemen's opinion I might get angry." Winston Churchill, (1874–1965), British statesman; prime minister 1940–45 and 1951–55

"If you find your temper mastering you, always stop till you can count sixty, before you say or do anything." Charles Summer (January 6, 1811 March 11, 1874) was an American politician and senator from Massachusetts. As an academic lawyer and a powerful orator, Sumner was the leader of the antislavery forces in Massachusetts and a leader of the Radical Republicans in the United States Senate during the American Civil War working to destroy the Confederacy, free all the slaves, and keep on good terms with Europe.

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