Quotations for Daily Use


"We can't celebrate death in video games, celebrate death in TV shows, celebrate death in movies, celebrate death in musical lyrics and remove any sense of morality and sense of higher authority and then expect that things like this are not going to happen." Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, January 26, 2018; These comments were made after a student in Marshall County High School in Kentucky killed 2 students and wounded 17 others in a school shooting.

"While medicine is your chief aim, remember that I want you to see all you can of art and music. I often think I have done more good to some poor, weary patients by sitting down and telling them of a delightful European experience than by all the drugs I have ever poured down their throats." Henry Ingersoll Bowditch (1808-1892) was an American physician and a prominent Christian abolitionist. He was talking to his son in the 1800s.

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