Quotations for Daily Use

Initiative, Responsibility, Reaping What You Sow, Choices, Effort

"Any human anywere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capactities simply by being given the opportunity to do so." Doris Lessing (Shared by Jeremy Mikkelsen in 1999)

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandi, (2 October 1869 30 January 1948) was the preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.

"Choose well: Your choice is brief and yet endless." Writer Ella Winte, (1898–1980) was an Australian-British journalist and activist.

"Discover the path, then make it new!" Barb Kiehl, former teacher at Nestucca High School

"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person." Mother Teresa, (26 August 1910 – 5 September 1997) was an Albanian Roman Catholic religious sister and missionary.

"Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps." David Lloyd George, (17 January 1863 – 26 March 1945) was a British Liberal politician and statesman.

"Don't let the best you have done so far be the standard for the rest of your life." Gustavus F. Swift, 139 - 1903 American Business Magnate

"Dreams are a lot of work." Stated by Dooley Barlow Kavanagh, a character in Come Rain or Come Shine by Jan Karon

"Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don't count on harvesting Golden Delicious." Bill Meyer (Which Bill Meyer?)

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory or defeat." Theodore Roosevetl, (October 27, 1858 January 6, 1919), often referred to as TR, was an American statesman, author, explorer, soldier, naturalist, and reformer who served as the 26th President of the United States from 1901 to 1909.

"Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him." Booker T. Washington, (April 5, 1856 – November 14, 1915) was an African-American educator, author, orator, and advisor to presidents of the United States

"Freedom is not the right to do as you please, but the liberty to do as you ought."  Unknown

"I expect all officers in this department to take care of their own morale. No one is taking care of my morale." General George Marshall, (December 31, 1880 – October 16, 1959) was an American statesman and soldier, famous for his leadership roles during World War II and the Cold War.

"If not me, then who?" Motto of the Travis Manion Foundation

"If something goes wrong, it is more important to decide who is going to fix it than who is to blame."  Unknown

"If you board the wrong train it is no use running along the corridor in the opposite direction." Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 4 February 1906 – 9 April 1945) was a German Lutheran pastor, theologian, anti-Nazi dissident, and key founding member of the Confessing Church.

"If you practice it gets easier." Reverend Tim Kavanagh, a character in Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon

"If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it." Andy Tant (More information is needed about Andy Tant)

"Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity." Louis Pasteur (December 27, 1822 – September 28, 1895) was a French chemist and microbiologist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization.

"Let us then be up and doing with a heart for any fate." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (February 27, 1807 – March 24, 1882) was an American poet and educator.

"Never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." John Robert Wooden (October 14, 1910 – June 4, 2010) was an American basketball player, brother of Beta Theta Pi, and coach.

"Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers." Veronica A. Shoffstal, poet

"Life is like a sewer . . . what you get out of it depends on what you put into it." Tom Lehrer, born April 9, 1928) is an American singer-songwriter, satirist, pianist, and mathematician.

"Man was never intended to become an oyster." Theodore "Thee" Roosevelt, Sr. (September 22, 1831 – February 9, 1878) was an American businessman and philanthropist. He was also the father of President Theodore Roosevelt and the paternal grandfather of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. (He hated idleness. Every hour must be accounted for and one must also enjoy everything one did. Get action. Seize the moment.)

"One that would have the fruit must climb the tree." Thomas Fuller, (1608 – 16 August 1661) was an English churchman and historian.

"One thing you can give and still keep is your word." Howard Rasmussen (More information is needed about Howard Rasmussen.)

"Sow an act, and you reap a habit. Sow a habit, and you reap a character. Sow a character, and you reap a destiny." Charles Reade, (8 June 1814 – 11 April 1884) was an English novelist and dramatist

"Talents are best nurtured in solitude: character is best formed in the stormy billows of the world." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, (1749–1832), German poet, playwright, novelist, philosopher, and scientist.

"The bee that gets the honey doesn't hang around the hive." Words by Ed. Rose and music by J. Fred Helf. This is a name of a song that was written in 1906.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it!" Abraham Lincoln, (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865.

"The dogs bark, the caravan passes." Arab proverb

"The only way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him." Henry L. Stimson, (September 21, 1867 – October 20, 1950) was an American statesman, lawyer and Republican Party politician and spokesman on foreign policy.

"There are three kinds of people: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say, 'What happened?' " Mary Kay Ash, (May 12, 1918 – November 22, 2001) was an American businesswoman and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

"There comes a moment when you have to stop revving up the car and shove it into gear."
David Mahoney (More information is needed about David Mahoney.)

"They may call me a rube and a hick, but I'd a lot rather be the man who bought the Brooklyn Bridge than the man who sold it." Jack Terry, writer and illustrator writing in Good 'ol Cowboy Stories

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." Dr. Seuss, Theodor Seuss Geisel (March 2, 1904 – September 24, 1991) was an American writer and illustrator best known for authoring popular children's books under the pen name Dr. Seuss. This statement is out of The Lorax.

"What you give you get, ten times over." Yoruba Proverb

"You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave buttprints in the sands of time?" Bob Moawad, chairman of Edge Learning Institute and author

"You Christians are glad when someone else does what you know must be done, but it seems that somehow you are unwilling to get your own hands dirty and do it." Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, (4 February 1906 – 9 April 1945) was a German Lutheran pastor, theologian, anti-Nazi dissident, and key founding member of the Confessing Church.

"You have brains in your head, and feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."Dr. Seuss, Theodor Seuss Geisel (March 2, 1904 – September 24, 1991) was an American writer and illustrator best known for authoring popular children's books under the pen name Dr. Seuss. This statement is out of The Lorax.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Wayne Gretzky, born January 26, 1961 is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player and former head coach.

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