Quotations for Daily Use


"A women’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her." Max Lucado (This is often attributed to Maya Angelou, but it was NOT writen by her.)

"Encourage Your Boy - Do not wait for the boy to grow up before you begin to treat him as an equal. A proper amount of confidence, and the words of encouragement and advice . . . give him to understand that you trust him in many ways, helps to make a man of him long before he is a man in either stature or years . . .
If a boy finds he can make a few articles with his hands, it tends to make him rely on himself. And the planning that is necessary for the execution of the work is a discipline and an education of great value to him."
The American Architect and Building News

"Every time a woman leaves your side, she'll feel better about herself." Senior Chief Salazar, a SEAL trainer (This was taught to the men during SEAL training.)

"He relished the comradeship of 'hard-sided,' plainspoken men, men with the bark on.' " Alvin H. Sydenham talking about Fred Remington as stated in Brave Companions by David McCullough

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