NVMS - Nestucca Valley Middle School's Heritage Project

Beginning in approximately 1999, NVMS students worked on a number of projects related to the history of South Tillamook County. These projects included interviewing quite a number of senior citizens who had lived their childhoods in South Tillamook County, scanning hundreds of historical photos, reading historical documents, writing letters to people with history in the local areas, doing numerous projects in local cemeteries, retyping historical documents for posting on the web, preparing electronic and other presentations about aspects of local history etc.

The links below are an attempt to document some of those Heritage Project activities.

Tour of Old School Sites #1
Staff Preparation for the Heritage Project
Learning in a Cemetery
Excerpts from Lars John Redberg's early diaries
Alexandria Ley Rock's 1949 "Short History of the Little Nestucca River Valley and Its Early Pioneers    


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