Excerpts from the Lars John Redberg Diaries of 1909 - 1912 of Life in South Tillamook County especially of Oretown, Oregon.

NVMS students typed these excerpts during the fall of 2002. Edna Redberg very kindly excerpted these interesting portions of the diaries and provided them to NVMS. The complete diaries of Lars John Redberg are in the Pioneer Museum in Tillamook, Oregon. They were donated by Erwin and Edna Redberg.

The following diary entries were typed by Kevin, 6th grader, and Ben, 7th grader, during the fall of 2002 and were edited by Dean Bones.

June 14,1910 - I hauled 18 cases of cheese, on Follett's account, to the dock. Our two enlarged pictures of Mother & Father and our children arrived today.

June 17,1910 - Ole and I helped dig a grave today for Grandma Dunn, Clarence (J.C.) Dunn's Mother.

June 19,1910 - We attended Grandma Dunn's funeral this afternoon, she was buried at 2:30 P.M. in the Oretown Cemetary.

June 25,1910 - At noon today Viola had a toe on her left foot accidently cut off. I took her to Dr. Brown in Cloverdale. He sewed it up and dressed it. I drove to Cloverdale in just one hour and 15 minutes. Two or three days ago, Warren Johnson accidently cut one of his toes on the left foot nearly off & he had it dressed at Dr. Brown's today. Yesterday Mr. Webb at Sandlake was found missing. Looked all night & couldn't find him. This afternoon he was found hanging. He had probably committed suicide. Ole and Herbert went up to the lake this morning to help in the search. They swam thier horses across the bay and went up to the beach.

June 26, 1910 - Ole and Herbert came back at noon today from Sand Lake.  Mr. Webb took his own life.

June 29, 1910 - I hauled 19 cases of cheese to the dock.

July 3, 1910 - Ole and family went to Neskowin to watch the ball game between Salmon River and Neskowin.  Game was won by Neskowin.  While washing and dressing Topsy's injured foot at noon today, Ole got one of his eyes hurt.  It is swelled almost shut and pains him considerably.  Topsy jerked her foot and her foot struck his eye with her shoe.

July 4, 1910 - We attended the celebration at Neskowin, all but father.  He could not leave the Post Office.

July 7, 1910 - Ole hauled cheese to the docks today.  I put 17 new sections on one of my mower sickles this forenoon.

July 10, 1910 - Thermometer registered at 101° in the sunlight at 8:30 A.M. at Ole's house.

July 15, 1910 - I helped Dan Fletcher with his hay on Porter's tideland this forenoon.

July 24, 1910 - Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Newlan, Mrs. Hoffman, Herbert Earl Porter, Ole and family and myself, went clam digging & (The rest is unreadable.).

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