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Blaine Cemetery

(This list was typed in April of 2003 by Maggie, then a middle school student as part of a technology class keyboarding assignment. As students progressed through keyboarding lessons and practice they put their skills to work doing "real" work by typing historical documents. So much work was completed by the students that I'm still loading their work onto the web in 2012! It all had to be looked over for typos, edited and reformatted. db)

Blaine Cemetery *****Veterans

1  Barnett, Hollis
2  Bays, Abraham
3  Bellamy, William
4  Colwall, Jack
5  Creecy, James
6  Driskell, Donald
7  Feltcher, Roy Loyce
8  Gilcin, Paul
9  Hollett, Alvin
10  Hurliman, Frank (Ashes on Son's Grave)
11  Rowland, Carl Arthur
12  Rowland, Eugene
13  Rowland, Rex
14  Rowland, William
15  Scheese, Vern
16  Scheese, Wayne
17  Schneider, Richard J.
18  Schneider, Arnold
19  Schulte, James W.
20  Sims, T. A.
21  Slackus, Albert
22  Smith, R.
23  Smith, William
24  Spidell, Jack
25  Strong, Elwin
26  Taylor, Lee
27  Tretter, William
28  Woods, E. Ray
29  Woods, Ollie
30  Woodward, Cecil
31  Pieren, Ralph
32  Pippenger, Robert

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