Excerpts from the Lars John Redberg Diaries of 1909 - 1912 of Life in South Tillamook County especially of Oretown, Oregon.

Edna Redberg very kindly excerpted these interesting portions of the Lars John Redberg Diaries and provided them to NVMS. Note that the complete diaries of Lars John Redberg spanning many years are in the Pioneer Museum in Tillamook, Oregon. They were donated by Erwin and Edna Redberg.

Typed and edited by Dean Bones.

Page 14 -  January 1909 - October 5, 1909

April 1,1911 - We have trained Lester Ray's chickens. When we holler, "Look out!", as a warning when we blast then the chickens run into the chicken house as fast as they can. Leo & Oscar Carver helped us today.

April 4, 1911 - Carl Commons and Alma Calkins helped on the road today.

Apr. 5, 1911 - Dan Fletcher hauled lumber for Mr. Berger's new barn. He commenced to build it this morning He set the blocks.

Apr. 7, 1911- We worked on the road today. County Judge, Mr. Mason, County Commissioners Farmer and Alley and Mr. Ayers, the road supervisor for this district were here today and were pleased with our work.

Apr. 12, 1911 - Snowed the greater part of morning.

Apr. 14, 1911 -I went to the beach for cedar and redwood. Byron Randall worked 6 hrs. on road.

Apr. 18, 1911 - Irve Smith & family left for Junction City.

April 19,1911 - Ole & I each hauled 14 cases of cheese to the dock today

April 24, 1911 - Gertie & our children planted garden today.

Apr. 27, 1911 - Mrs. Commons & Edith took Gertie & children for a ride on the lake.

Apr. 30, 1911- Attended a picnic on the beach near Common's Lake.

May 1, 1911 - Irve Smith & family returned from The Valley.

May 9, 1911 - Wife & children visited at Carvers while I went down to the dock. Ole & Porters started to send their milk to the Meda factory this morning.

May 19, 1911 - Helped Franklins pull their mare Topsy out of a creek. One of her hind legs was badly broken, and she had to be shot. We think on of the other horses kicked her.

May 29, 1911 - Rock's new barn is being built, and Mr. Dawson is grading and filling for the barn.

June 25, 1911 - 7 automobiles passed here today on their way to Neskowin.

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