Excerpts from the Lars John Redberg Diaries of 1909 - 1912 of Life in South Tillamook County especially of Oretown, Oregon.

Edna Redberg very kindly excerpted these interesting portions of the Lars John Redberg Diaries and provided them to NVMS. Note that the complete diaries of Lars John Redberg spanning many years are in the Pioneer Museum in Tillamook, Oregon. They were donated by Erwin and Edna Redberg.

Typed and edited by Dean Bones.

Page 19 -  January 1909 - October 5, 1909

Mar. 4, 1912 - Herbert's first day of school.

Mar. 6, 1912 - Ole put some new floor in his barn. Planned some on our house to be.

Mar. 11, 1912 - My wife & Mrs. Gillock went to Cloverdale. Wife got her new teeth.

Mar. 15, 1912 - Went to Foster Mill to order lumber for new house. Ordered nails, cement, doors, windows, etc., from the Cloverdale Merc. C. - also 11,000 dressed lumber. At present they are running the Cloverdale sawmill.

Mar. 19, 1912 - Today is Father's birthday..

Mar. 20, 1912 - I hauled 13 cases of cheese to the Clov. Merc. Co's dock. "Della" came in this AM, and the "Gerald C" passed out soon after. Our new lamp from Sears - Roebuck came today. It's a beauty. Cost us $7.25 including handling.

Mar. 24, 1912 - I hauled Ole's and my milk, also Rock's & Jensen's to Neskowin this morning as the boiler in Oretown Factory is out of commission, and for the last week we have had to send to Meda & Nskowin. Oretown people are talking of Co-operating & owning their factory.

Mar. 26, 1912 - People of Oretown met to discuss corporation of the Cheese Factory & later met at the Grand Hall for more discussion on matter.

Mar 27, 1912 - Mr. Commons & Carl, Mr. & Mrs. W.W. Christensen went to Cloverdale in Common's auto to see Chas. Ray on factory business.

Mar. 28, 1912 - Auction in Hebo today. I got a dresser for $6.50. Real bargain. Cold. Cows sold from $40 to $70.00. Mr. Commons, Carl & W.W. Christensen went to Cloverdale in Common's auto to see Chas. Ray about buying his cheese factory & land.

Apr. 3, 1912 - Willie left today for Tillamook & Portland. I took him past the Artie Gage place in my buggy. Hauling loads of lumber from the Hastings & Foster mill for the house.

Apr. 17, 1912 - Dawson's auction sale. Cows all sold for at least $55.00 each. One $66.00. John Fleck, James Ward & Frank Franklin bought all of the cows. Kranner auctioned. The mountains are white with snow.

Apr. 20, 1912 - Ole went to Cloverdale after shingles for the new church.

Apr. 23, 1912 - Ole helped me grade for our new house this afternoon. Gertie visited Mrs. Roosa at the dock while Dad got supplies.

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