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Oretown Cemetery

(This list was typed in April of 2003 by Maggie, then a middle school student as part of a technology class keyboarding assignment. As students progressed through keyboarding lessons and practice they put their skills to work doing "real" work by typing historical documents. So much work was completed by the students that I'm still loading their work onto the web in 2012! It all had to be looked over for typos, edited and reformatted. db)

Oretown Cemetery *****Veterans

1  Affolter, Walter
2  Affolter, William
3  Bentley, John
4  Brown, Luther
5  Carver, Oscar
6  Coffey, Arthur
7  Coffey, James L.
8  Craven, Curtis
9  Craven, John Lyle
10  Craven, Orby
11  Dunn, Donald
12  Dunn, Robert
13  Foster, William
14  Hess, Henry
15  King, Bert
16  Knotts, James Lester
17  LaDeRoute, Charles F.
18  Larson, Norman
19  Porter, Wesley W.
20  Miles, Bernard (Russell)
21  Miles, Russell D.
22  Redberg, Marvin
23  Reynolds, William Earl
24  Rock, Gilbert a.
25  Rock, Stanley
26  Scherzinger, Harold F.
27  Sutton, Ed
28  Ward, Dan W.
29  Weiss, Jack W.
30  Yates, John C.

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