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This photo was donated by Janella Jones Flatt. It is a photo of Beaver School of 1939.

Was the photo taken on the east side of the old Beaver School or on a side of the old gym?

Students are identified below the photo.

Front Row:

Betty Speece, Patty Speece, Lois Becker, Jane Trojan, unknown, Darrel Nicklaus

Second Row:

Lloyd Becker, Eunice Becker, Shirley Harpole, Earl Porter, Betty Schulmerich, unknown, Mildred Brown, Betty Woods

Third Row:

James Lyster, Betty Harpole, Joe Haines, Junior Fowler, Richard Gray, unknown, unknown

Fourth Row:

Jimmy Dahl, Jack Trojan, Bonita Lewis, Teddy Allen, Edwin Woods, Nadine Sappinton, unknown

Fifth Row (back row):

Marvin Measor, Robert Sappington, Janella Jones, Barbara Lewis, Betty Gray, Lucille Turnow, Donald Damrow

Teachers are Erma Gilbert and Thelma Warmoth