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Primary grades at Beaver School in 1946

Students are identified below the photo. This photo was provided by Pearl Dawson Kiser and Gwen Ayer Jones.

Row 1 from the left:

Lee Parks, Dean Fletcher, _____, Harlan Thomas or Terry Thompson?, Edwin Hodgdon, ______

Row 2 from the left:

________, Rosalie Cole, Kay Heitsman, Peggy Howard?, Alice Jones, Jane Watts, Loretta Williams, Carol (?) Jenson

Row 3 from the left:

Derald Woods, Judy Mason, ________, Pearl Dawson, _____ Byers, Dorothy Cole, Betty Cole, Kay Julian, Barbara Daggett, unknown

Row 4 from the left:

Roland (Rollie) Becker, Don Johnson, Bud Dawson, Jack Hulburt, Merlyn Hulburt, Ray Becker, teacher Mrs. Fletcher (? not Agnes or a Mrs. M.?)