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Beaver Grade School 3rd & 4th grades of 1953-1954 taught by Lily Wallace. This photo was donated by Lily Heywood Wallace Knight in 2002. Students are identified below the photo.

Back row left to right
Robert Nicklaus, Raymond Jacobs, Thomas Kostic, Ivan Kostic, Charles Parks, Richard Cravy, Charles Finnell

Middle row left to right
Betty Main, Karen Speece, Mrs. Lily E. Wallace, Nancy Gorton, Joyce Gorton

Front row left to right
Bonnie Olson, Margaret Hoskins, Lois Hamilton, Linda Ekborg, Karen Louise Worthington

Douglas Pieren was absent.

Also written on the back of the photo were the following names (Why?):
Risa Atwood, Thane Atwood, Jimmy Bellamy, Paul Byers, Loretta Porter