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This is a view of Beaver, Oregon, in 1911 looking at the south end of town. The first building on the left is Gilbert's General Merchandise store with the I.O.O.F. lodge on the upper floor. The building was located about where the current Dave's repair shop (used to be Aronson's service station) is located. The building to the right of it was Bixby's. (I should know what Bixby's was . . . I have that information written somewhere! I'll add it when I find out what they sold.)

The 3rd building from the right was George Kostic's Blacksmith Shop, and the second from the right was Godsey's home. The buildings are also identified on "beaver05le00188." This part of town burned in a fire about 1917. Bunn Creek road leads off to the right in front of the two buildings on the right.Thank you to Lorraine Eckhardt for providing this photo!