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Note that this photo was taken by Clyde Hudson who documented so much of South Tillamook County with his photographs.

In 2001 Wayne Jensen, curator of the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum, allowed students from Nestucca Valley Middle School and me to scan photos of schools of South Tillamook County and other historical photos of South Tillamook County. This is one of those photos.

I'm not sure who wrote the caption. Four local historians, Ruth Redberg Crockett, Lorraine Rowland Eckhardt, Howard Owens and Lloyd McKilip thankfully consistently have written wonderful captions that accompany their photos. I'm guessing that Lloyd McKillip wrote this caption.

The caption reads, "Cloverdale taken from across the river, showing the old cheese factory & mercantile store. The house on the hill at the far left is where B.P. Sheehan now lives in 1981."