Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County

Beaver (This news is about the Beaver and Hemlock area. db) (Typed by Jenny, a student at Nestucca Valley Middle School during 2003 as part of her technology assignments.)

10/31/1890, Headlight

Miss Lida B. Ely returned to Forest Grove on the 22nd, was pleased with the improvements she found in Tillamook.

Otto Johnson has enlarged his farm; he owns two houses now on Beaver.

Mr. ? is getting on nicely with his building; his family expect to move in soon.

Three new settlers have moved to Beaver, one of them was preparing the timber for his house last week. He will build close to Mart Bush's house.

Charlie Johnson has a nice crop of potatoes this year.

John Bush has made a nice opening in the woods this summer between his house and Mr. Jensen's.


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