Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County

Beaver (Well, this has the title of Beaver, but Bear Creek is near Hemlock. The Elys and Wallaces also lived near Hemlock. All reverences to the creek and bridge were written as follows: Beaver creek and Beaver creek bridge. So might the Hemlock area have been referred to as Beaver as this time because of the creek? I don't know. db))

5/2/1890, Headlight (Typed by Angela I., a Nestucca Valley Middle School student in 2003, as part of her technology assignments)

Fred Buhrow and Henry Ely set up four nights last week, watching for bear which come to feast on some dead cattle. They shot several times, but bruin walked off as if he was not much frightened.

Mrs. Mart. Bush's health is much improved since her return to Beaver Creek. Her children are up and playing out of doors, but the eldest boy looks quite pale yet. They have had a siege of whooping cough.

Last week, Mrs. John Bush's daughters saw a large wildcat across Bear Creek Road next where they were fishing about the same time a lamb had been torn to pieces near the Beaver Creek Bridge, belonging to Bud Wallace. Wish some "nimrod" would find his way out here before more lambs are killed.


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