Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County

Big Nestucca (What area is this?)

11/21/1890, Headlight

Fine frosty weather which reminds us that winter is almost here.

"There is no bud nor bloom upon the bowers
The spiders weave their shrouds night by night
The thistle down, the only ghost of flowers,
Sailed slowly by - passed noiselessly out of sight."

But Mr. Read puts it a little too strongly in this verse for this country.

Real estate is having a boom in this end of the county. Mr. J. V. Alderman has sold his ranch to Mr. Kennedy, and has purchased a part of Charles Johnson's place on the Big Nestucca. Quite a large amount of property has changed hands in Woods during the last week.

We expect some emigration this fall and more next spring. (Note that I think the writer means "immigration." db)

Dr. C. E. Linton has opened a drug store, a much needed institution, as Woods. We advise all who contemplate having a spell of sickness this fall to call early and secure all ample supply of prophylactis. (Note - prophylactis is a genus of moth. I think the write meant prophylaxis - action to prevent disease. db)

A. T. Bain killed 46 ducks the other (The rest is missing! db)

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