Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County


11/7/1890, Headlight (This page was typed by Maggie, a Nestucca Valley Middle School student during the spring of 2003 as part of a technology class and edited by Dean Bones.)

A great many wagon loads of fish have passed through this place from Big and Little Nestucca, this fall, but the fishing season is about over now.

We are having some fine fall weather and the stock in this section is all in good condition.

Noah Hill was accidently shot by Jesse Landingham, while out hunting the other day. The ball passed through his foot inrlicting a painfull but not dangerous wound.

Mrs. Norman, of Dayton, Wash., is visting her father, H. Hill of his place. She had not seen him before in fourteen years.

Mrs. Galland has returned from Portland where she has been visiting friends.

K. P. Werner has returned from a trip to the Cascades.

Mr. Stackman and daughter Florence, have returned home to Albany, after a five weeks visit with Mrs. E. Werner.

Miss Alice Cary has returned home from Sheridan.

Miss L. Shortridge is attending school at Sheridan.

(The author's name is missing from this article. db)

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