Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County

East Nestucca (Is this news of the Upper Nestucca area?)

5/16/1890, Headlight (This page was typed by Robyn, a Nestucca Valley Middle School student during the spring of 2003 as part of a technology class and edited by Dean Bones.)

Rain, sunshine, growing crops, and abundant wild flowers.

Who so busy as the bee? Swarming time and soon the honey harvest. In the forest the small bear is plentiful, so are broods of young pheasants.

Five dwelling houses are under construction in this settlement. A church is needed to assure prosperity.

It is a short day's journey to Sheridan by way of the new trail, as well as good entertainment by Jones and Norris of Nestucca Falls. All hope for a mail route by the highway; then good-bye snow blockade.

The Branson boys think they have found quicksilver.

Mrs. Moon will visit Nebraska this summer.

Mrs. Switzer, of Willamina, and Mrs. Frazer, of Sheridan, are visiting Nestucca.

Mt. Hebo is yet crowned with snow, pure as the as the flowers, which brighten the vale below.

Reewana (I'm not sure this spelling is correct. The first letter could be an A. db)

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