Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County


12/5/1890, Headlight

Hebo, Dec. 1st.

C. A. Willey of Dayton has moved onto his ranchy on Three Rivers. Mr. Willey is a rustler and the way he is making the old logs disappear is a caution. That's right parson "get in."

We had the pleasure of listening to a good sermon last Sunday, delivered by Rev. C. A. Willey whohas located in our midst, and whom we hope will look after the spiritual wellfare of the community.

A disease resembling scarlet fever in a mild form is prevalent in this vicinity, and some children are seriously ill at present.

L Jensen is putting a coat of restic on his house and making other substantial improvements.

? Hathaway has just completed his new residence, which is both substantial and commodious.

A. T. Bain visited his bee-ranch on Three Rivers last week.

Krebs Bro's. are making active preparations to start a logging camp on Wm. Rhoades' place next week.

H. Dimmick has returned to his ranch on Nestucca.

A Christmas tree is the predominant topic for discussion here at present.

(The end of the article is missing. db)

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