Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County


4/18/1890, Headlight (Typed by Nestucca Valley Middle School student, Ryan, during the spring of 2003 as part of his technology assignments.)

Fine weather after yesterday's snow. Travel has started up notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather and the bad condition of the roads. The passing of wagons, buggies, carts, etc., are of almost daily occurence.

A. P. Wilson was in this vicinity last week surveying the new road. He also did considerable work for farmers.

It is reported that J. A. Hill has sold his store at Dolph to Mr. Carey of Willamina.

School will commence next Monday at Three Rivers school house.

A gentleman who resides at Tillamook, met with quite a watery adventure a few days ago, while crossing one of the fords on Three Rivers which is very rough on account of the late wash-outs, which he says came near resulting in the drowning of himself and a valuable horse he was driving. Notwithstanding the chilling wind, and the coldness of the water, the gentleman was "hot to the collar." Such places ought to be fixed, and travelers should look a "leetle oudt" as fine hourses are scare in this county."


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