Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County


5/2/1890, Headlight (Typed by Angela I., a Nestucca Valley Middle School student in 2003, as part of her technology assignments)

The school is progressing nicely.

J.A. Hill passed today, moving a family to Woods.

Miss Olevia Lowrance has gone to Idaho; where she will probably remain.

Fine weather still continues and grass, grain and early vegetables are growing nicely.

Trout fishing is becoming a popular recreation again as the weather grows warm.

George Kellow has his new house about completed, and when finished will be quite an acquisition to the neighborhood.

Immigrants are beginning to make their appearance this spring, and the prospects are favorable for a hu?? boom this summer.

Mr. Carey I understand has taken charge of the general merchandise store at Dolph, which was formerly owned by J.A. Hill

James Sloane is cooking in Mr. Landingham's road camp, which is as good as to say their grub is put onto the table in first-class shape.

Uncle Dave Lewallen while chopping a log a few days ago, struck his shin with the axe inflicting a slight wound, also slightly dulling the axe.

Mr. Landingham has his road all in good condition from Big Nestucca to the beach and will commence on the other end of the road next week, and work through to Grand Rounde. The work so far has been done in a manner which bespeaks enterprise, and we have no doubt but it will be amply rewarded before the traveling season has passed.

(The rest is unreadable.)

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