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9/5/1890, Headlight

The water runs upstream about half of the time. 

Messrs. Brock and Simmons are building large barns. 

A.D. Sanders has quite sick but is improving under the care of Dr. Inmann. 

The people had a picnic on the island at Sand Lake on the 4th, which was a very enjoyable affair. 

The dance at Krebs' hall at Woods on the Fourth was a grand success.  We saw one young lady come home without her partner.  We learn that she left him by the pond-side with Pollard's best.

Scribe (This is how the author signed this article. db)

Note that there is a 2nd column in this edition that has the title "Hebo."

A much needed shower fell last week, laying the dust, cooling the air and freshening things generally.

Unfortunately, the honey crop is far short of the demand, sells readily at twenty cents per pound.

Threshing is about over in this vicinity, and the farmers are happy, having abundant crops and a machine to thresh them with.

The beach is swarming with people now who have come in to the coast to escape the hear and dust of the Willamette valley. From five to thirty teams pass daily which makes hay, honey and vegatables in good demand.

N. P. Hansen was not seriously gored by a bull, as was reported, but he did have a "tussel with the critter," in which thanks to his agility he came out second best, with but a few slight scratches but nothing serious.


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