Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County


4/4/1890, Headlight (Typed by Cynthia, a Nestucca Valley Middle School student during the spring of 2003, as part of her technology assignments.)

This country has been exceptionally free form many calamities that are often experienced in other less favored localities. There have been no railroad disasters of any serious nature, no derailment of trains or other accidents. There have been no steamboat collisions on our rivers, no large cities burned with a loss of many lives and millions of dollars worth of property, no banks or express trains robbed, and no suicides or white-chapel murders. There have been no persons maimed, singed or burned to death on telegraph or electric light wires, and no strikes or riots disturbing the peace of our harmonious communities. Who would not like a home in a country like this?

The saw-mill at Woods has been doing an excellent business for some time. P. Caldwell & Son have been getting ? ? fir logs for the mill. (The rest of this article is missing. db)

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