Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County


5/30/1890, Headlight (Typed by Zach P.S., a Nestucca Valley Middle School student, during 2003 as part of his technology assignments.)

The weather has been very fine for several weeks, rather too fine, but ? look well.

Krebs Bros. have gone to Portland to lay in a stock of goods.

A. Phylps has gone to Portland to purchase goods.

D. W. Priestly has a fine lot of butter kegs for sale. They were manufactured at Nestucca.

Harrison Booth has been hauling freight from Sheridan over the toll road for Weatherly & Findley. He reports the road in good condition.

H. M. Farmer is doing some good work on the road in his district at Sand Lake.

Mr. Landingham deserves the thanks and patronage of the traveling public of Tillamook, for putting his road in such good condition; better than ever before.

James Barnett has returned to Nestucca after an absence of about two years, traveling in Arizona and California. He says he is satisfied to remain at Nestucca.

The country all ? Sand Lake is settling up rapidly this spring. Several parties have moved in lately, some have bought land and others have taken up land. There are very few farms for sale here as the majority of the people here want to remain. There is government land to take up yet.


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