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Oretown (This 1959 article is written about the minutes book of the school board meetings of School District # 6, Oretown, beginning with records from 1879 -1888! )

7/9/1956, Headlight Herald(This page was typed by Jerry G., a Nestucca Valley Middle School student during the spring of 2003 as part of a technology class and edited by Dean Bones. There are a number of punctuation errors that were left as written.)

Little Nestuckee School of 1879 Record Preserved (This is the title of the article. db)

Minute book of the school board meetings of school district No. 6 from 1879 to 1885 has been preserved through the years and is in the possession of Ole Redberg of Oretown, in south Tillamook county.  Also in this possession is the registration book for the school for about the same period.

Minute Book

The first page of the minute book is dated "Little Nestuckee", January 8, 1879, and related that petition is on file requesting a division of School District No. 4, and the formation of new district No. 6.  The minutes have been written in a fine hand and signed by Albert O. Yates, clerk.

Record dated Feb. 1, 1880, gives this information: "No. of children and persons over 4 and under 20 years of age in district 6, for years 1880-35.  Number of females, 20; number of males, 12; number of voters, 20; amt. record., $24.62; expense, stamps, .62" 

Copy of school meeting notice, Oretown, March 5, 1888, Tillamook Co., Oregon: "Notice is hereby given to the legal voters of school district No. 6, Tillamook County, Oregon, that there will be a special school meeting held at Oretown school house on the 17 day of March, 1888 at the hour of one o'clock for the purpose of voting on a tax of $240.00;  $50.00 to be applied to repairs on school house and $190.00 for the maintenance of a six month school.  By order of the directors. (Signed) Lewis L. Shortridge, clerk of district." 

Leafing through the book which gives reports of the annual meetings and the expenses incurred, the reader also finds notes written on the fly leaf and back.  Here is a real gem:  "Cure for Small Pox. Sulfate of zinc, 1 gr.; hot clove, 1 gr.; one-half teaspoon sugar.  Mix with two tablespoonfuls water. When thoroughly mixed add 4 ounces water.  Dose one spoonful every hour.  For children smaller doses."


The first registration is dated for 1889. Pupils, their age and date of registration is given as follows: Willie Upton 16.11 years; Charlie Upton, 18.18 years; Jay Upton, 10.11 years; Charlie Fletcher, 10.15; Hans Fletcher, 7.2; Hallis Faulsoner, 16.5; Walter Christensen, 8.10; Willie Christensen, 18.8; Freddie Christensen, 10.7; Oskar Hellenbrand, 12.8; Hugh Gardner, 7.10. Date of entrance was April 1st. 

A teacher's certificate information dated October 31, 1890, and signed by A. Jay Shepard, teacher, gives this information: Taught 2 terms; number of months in school term, six; monthly salary of teacher,"board included?" This is answered is by the figure $33 1/3 but does not say whether board was included. 

The answer "No" was given to such questions as, "Is your school supplied with suitable furniture?" "Has your school sufficient grounds, are they improved?" "Is your school supplied with an unabridged dictionary?"   

"Yes" was the answer for the questions about ample water supply and wood.  Another question, "is your school sufficiently supplied with brooms, water pails, cups, chalk, blackboards, a teacher's table?" was answered: "Brooms, bucket, cup, chalk, blackboard."

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