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Sand Lake

11/21/1890, Headlight (This page was partially typed by Noemi, a Nestucca Valley Middle School student during the spring of 2003 as part of a technology class and completed and edited by Dean Bones.)

Sand  Lake Nov. 14th

Weather fine with wind from the North  and North West.

T.J. Harris has secured a few tame goats to add to his flock, with the hope that they would stay nearer home, but they are so inclined to and the highest altitude that they returned to the top of Cape. Lookout proving again the old adage , "What is bred in the bone is hard to get out of the flesh ."

Mr. Wily of Netarts bay, came over the bay yesterday on his way to the valley via Sand Lake and Woods, and reports the trail as being in the best condition he over saw it. East winds in winter always makes a good trail over Cape Lookout.

Sand Lake is alive with ducks, geese and salmon, not to mention the hunters and fishermen.

O. R. Chamberlain's folks expect their new sewing machine home today to be brought over by Mr. T.J. Harris ,on whom we depend for much of the Sand Lake hauling. 

Mr. R.H  Holmes went to town yesterday. Probably when Mr. Virgil's family gets settled in Woods, Mr. Holmes will visit often for they are old time friends from East Portland.

Mr. P.S. Brown is teaching school at Woods. Our friends will probably allow us to congratulate ourselves in being so well represented in the line of education.

E.A. Chamberlain is roofing his house that he is building on his pre-emption claim.

Mr. T.J. Harris will soon have his new house fit for occupancy. He has a very fine site overlooking the lake and ocean, taking Sand Cape and Haystack rock into the view. The days is fast coming when this country will be prized as much for permanent residence as it is now for excursions. Then it will be a "thing of beauty and a joy forever." Let all make truthful and favorable reports and all will be well.

X.Y. Z. (This is how the correspondent signed his/her name.)

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