Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County

Sand Lake

12/19/1890, Headlight

To the surprise of all concerned the weather ocntinues as fine as June.

Mr. Willis' family with Mrs. Willis' father passed south over the Cape while Mr. E (or F) Scherzinger and Mr. A. Carlson passed north on their way to Tillamook.

Mr. S. Wigle and Miss Theresa Briody and Mr. Obe Harris with Miss Katie Foland make two more families for this school district, they respectively having joined the ranks of wedded life.

We hail with a hearty welcome to our list of contributors our young friend Miss Weatherly, and suggest that there is an opening for useful careers for many other young people in furnishing short pieces to county papers. Such sketches are interesting to homesteaders.

T. J. Harris, H. E. Taylor and E. A. Chamberlain were north of the Cape looking for stray cattle. As strange cattle change sides of the Cape, if any are found on the north side and described by correspondents, I will vouch for a discription of strangers on the south. Quite a number are gone from this side of the Cape.

E. A. Chamberlain wishes me to say that a male hound has come to his ranch, described as "good size," black on back and top of tail, tawney below with light film over left eye. Owner come quick.

Thousands of ducks and geese on the lake and tide-lands.

F. Osborne has returned from the valley and is waiting for rain to prepare the ground of A. O. Krogatad's ranch preparatory to plowing.

X.Y. Z. (This is how the correspondent signed his/her name.)

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