Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County

Sand Lake

9/19/1890, Headlight

Mr. Hembree is busy building a new house.

Mr. And Mrs. Rhodes have returned from the Nestucca.

When will we have the surveyors in and about Sand Lake?

Mr. and Mrs. Hembree have returned from a short visit to the valley.

Mr. and Mrs. Farmer have returned from a visit of several weeks on the Nestucca.

Mr. Osborn and ? are going to the Valley and ? be gone several weeks.

Miss Hoyt ? ? her home, from Salem, where she has been attending college for some time.

Rev. Smith, father of Mrs. H. F.Harris of Sand Lake, is enjoying a pleasant visit with his daughter.

School has again opened, having been suspended two weeks owing to the inability of Supt. White to teach during the Institute and examinations at Tillamook. Mr. Kays Jr. accompanied his uncle here, and is looking up a location for his father. We are very glad to see people come here and make homes for themselves, and help the rest of pioneers build up the country.

Grandma Johnson was made happy last week by the arrival of her daughter, Mrs. Kays and husband and three children from Vance. Mr. Kays has taked up land, and intends making this place his home. Johnny Johnson also returned home with his sister, Mrs. Kays, at the same time.

We are very much in need of a wagon road to Tillamook, there is only about five miles of the county road to be opend yet until we will be in connection with the state road. It would be well for the merchants of Tillamook to look into this matter a little as it would be quite an advantage to them to secure this trade which consists of about twenty families and five bachelors.

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