Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County


12/19/1890, Headlight

Items almost as scarce as hen's teeth.

The weather still continues good and stock is in fine condition for this time of the year.

The Scarlet fever has about disappeared and the general health was never in a better state.

Woods is enjoying a first-class school under the superintendence of Professor Brown.

Krebs Bros. are putting a fine lot of saw logs into the river off of Wm. Rhoades land; they will be able to furnish first-clas lumber next season.

We have been reliable informed that Mr. Virgil of Portland will ship to Woods about Feb. 1st. twenty tons of freight. What line of goods it is, we have not been able to learn.

Our literary society got a little crippled last week but it is on its feet again and in fine running order once more. Our best speakers last Thursday night, were Mr. Weatherly, D. A. Findley, R. T. Bain and Lester Smith.

Everybody here talks of going to the Christmas dance at Little Nestucca. They always turn out first-class hops down there.


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