Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County


12/5/1890, Headlight

Weather still continues good.

Peter Belleque has moved into his new house.

Mr. Steel our leading carpenter will commence the erection of a residence for himself next week.

Lumber is to be seen every day going in every direction from the saw mill, which goes to show that the Nestucca country is improving fast.

The Literary Society at the mouth of Three Rivers is a sucess. Miss Maud Smith edits the west side paper, and Mr. Wm. Rhoads the east side. Both papers are able conducted.

Mr. Percy Harvey of Salmon River is doing Woods at present; he is here on business, and reports times lively on the Salmon river.

The Thanksgiving hop at the mouth of the bay, was a grand success and so was the supper. Mr. and Mrs. Christensen are just the ones to get up a first class ?, as they spare no pains or expense.

The people of Woods called a meeting last evening and organized a literary society. Any one wanting anything in that line will do well to call Friday evenings.


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