Old Newspaper Articles About South Tillamook County


10/17/1890, Headlight (This page was started to be typed by Noemi, a Nestucca Valley Middle School student during the spring of 2003 as part of a technology class and was completed and edited by Dean Bones.)

Salmon are plenty and cheap.

Coasters are all thick and are all enjoying themselves. 

Mrs. Joseph Woods is enjoying a visit in Eastern Washington.

Woods wants a newspaper, woolen mill, skating rink and preacher; must bring references.

If reports be true D. A. Findley made quite a large shipment or produce from Woods by Steamer Olsen.

The steamer Olsen arrived last Saturday bringing a large cargo of goods for the merchants of this town.

D.A. Findley has imported a clerk from Yamhill county and advertises his clothing by putting a large suit on him.

That new sign of Findley's is a beauty and an ornament to his store, but that bird is a bad one, as any one can see at a glance.

A small quantify of blood was spilled in Woods on Saturday last; cannot mention any names as we were listening to the band play.

Dr. Linton of this place has moved his family here and will locate. Those needing any thing in his line of practice will do well to give him a call.

An abundance of bear, deer and other large game in the vicinity of Woods are drawing a great many hunters and pleasure seekers to this place.

The "Barometer" indicates some interesting items from this neck o' woods in the near future.

Rounder (This is the author of this article. db.)

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