"On Cape Kiawanda," a Poem written by Harry B. Hammell possibly in the 1930s or 1940s, copied by Erwin O. Redberg, and shared by Edna Redberg (Typed by Dean Bones, April 8, 2005)

I sat and watched the waves assault
Cape Kiawanda's rocky base
And wondered why Old Nature caused
This battle to take place.

The sea would lay, as in defeat,
Then would gather for the fight,
With flag unfurled along its crest,
Come charging in with all its might.

It hit the Cape with all its power,
And a roar for a battle cry,
The shock of its tremendous force
Sent spray a-flying high.

The forces in their gallant charge
Would silently retreat
To gather strength and power again,
With no thought of defeat.

Old Haystack Rock a mile offshore
Stands firmly by and leers,
And seems to say, Stand up and fight,
I've stood and fought for years.

The sea gulls soared on lazy wing
And eagerly they eyed,
As in the contest going on,
A meal might be supplied.

Day after day, as time goes on
This terrific battle rages,
And years from now history will show
Many changes in its pages.

Determination to succeed
Most always has its way,
The Cape is slowly giving in -
And will some day wash away.
        H.B. Hammell, Pacific City, Oregon

(Erwin O. Redberg noted that "At one time he owned a set of cabins there (in Pacific City) and also delivered the Oregonian newspaper in perhaps the '30s or '40s.)

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