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Schools in South Tillamook County's History

District #:   Name or location:

4 Big Nestucca Valley
Big Nestucca Valley School #4
Remembering My Schooling Years at Wolf Creek and Beaver Schools by Janella Jones Flatt.
Hazel Bend, by John R. Blalock mentions Brown School #37 & Boulder Creek School #50.
My Memories and Acquired Knowledge of Sandlake School by Mildred Brode Wilkins
Tales of Oregon Country by John R. Blalock has information about #32 Brown School.
Excerpts from a letter written by Nora Holgate Treadwell on June 4, 2001, about the East Beaver Creek area

Sandlake School and Community by Grace Atkinson Lane

Silver Falls School by Dorothy Browning Pieren

6 Oretown  
8 Beaver Beaver Grade School in the 1930s
13 Hebo  
16 Woods
Woods School #16
18 Neskowin  
19 Meda
The Meda School building
20 Dolph  
21 Sandlake  
22 Cloverdale  
26 Hemlock  
27 Blaine    
32 Brown School
This is the 2nd Brown School building.
34 Slab Creek    
36 Sunny Dell School    
37 Castle Rock School
Castle Rock School #37
41 Chamberlain    
42 Union    
44 Dolph    
45 Wolf Creek School    
47 Otis Joint district with Lincoln County    
50 Boulder Creek School
Boulder Creek School with students and community members
51 East Beaver Creek School    
53 (It was located on the Van Duzer Corridor)  This was a joint district with Polk County.    
55 Pacific City School      
59 East Creek School
East Creek School #59
62 Silver Falls      
63 Keagbine-Tootena Mary School - This was a joint district with Yamhill County.      
64 Flora Logging Camp School - This was a joint district with Yamhill County.      
101 Nestucca Valley School District      
  There was a high school in Beaver.      
  There was a high school in Sandlake.      
  There was a school on Clarence Creek.      
  Nestucca Union High School      
  Cloverdale High School      
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