"Short History of the Little Nestucca River Valley and Its Early Pioneers" written about South Tillamook County, Oregon

The page below was written by Mrs. Hardy Rock (Alexandria LEY Rock) and published in 1949.  NVMS students have retyped her history so that many may read it.  Although some punctuation errors have been corrected the text remains as written by Mrs. Rock.

Note that Alexandria LEY Rock's "Short History of the Little Nestucca River Valley and Its Early Pioneers" has been republished in book form as of January 2007 and is now being offered for sale by the Tillamook County Historical Society!

Read about a kind, responsible woman who exhibited initiative, and read about several amazing coincidences!

On Saturday, June 15th, 2004, Dean & Laurie Bones and Raymond & Clarice Bones traveled to Salem, Oregon, to visit Joe Haines, a former resident of South Tillamook County, and to visit Gerald and Betty Bauer. Gerald Bauer grew up in the Neskowin area while his wife, Betty, grew up in the Midwest.

As we were discussing NVMS's Heritage Project, Betty began to relate a story about a happenstance encounter Betty had with South Tillamook County History. She was having a conversation with a neighbor over the back fence at her Salem home. When the neighbor learned that Betty's husband, Gerald, used to live in the Neskowin area, she mentioned that she had a book about the history of that area. She loaned the book to Betty.

Betty quickly saw that the words were difficult to read in the book, and she realized that the history in the book would interest many. She then took the book to work with her, and on her lunch breaks each day she would type a page or two.

What's so amazing about this is that NVMS has been using a copy of Betty's typing that Tori Kirkpatrick and Kelli Ramsey obtained from the Oregon Historical Society. In fact, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders retyped pages of the history from the packet that Betty Bauer had typed. Since Betty did not reveal in what she typed that she did all this work, it was this happenstance encounter on June 15th that brought out this knowledge.

It is our intent to give Betty Bauer credit for all of her hard work. She has done a wonderful thing for the South County community by making this history more available by her typing efforts!

Thank you Betty Bauer!

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