Excerpts from the Lars John Redberg Diaries of 1909 - 1912 of Life in South Tillamook County especially of Oretown, Oregon.

Edna Redberg very kindly excerpted these interesting portions of the Lars John Redberg Diaries and provided them to NVMS. Note that the complete diaries of Lars John Redberg spanning many years are in the Pioneer Museum in Tillamook, Oregon. They were donated by Erwin and Edna Redberg.

Typed and edited by Dean Bones.

Page 15 -  January 1909 - October 5, 1909

Jul. 2,1911 - We completed the Rock road at 6:05 o'clock this evening. We started this road on March 7.

Jul 3, 1911 - Mr. Ayers came down in his new automobile to inspect the new road. Mr. Porter, Ole and I rode with him being the first people to ride around in an auto. Mr. Ayers accepted the road.

Jul. 4, 1911 - Willie came home this evening. He walked from Willamina.

Jul. 7, 1911- I hauled 15 cases of cheese to the dock.

Jul. 23, 1911 - Clint Miles & Jessie Follett visited us.

Jul. 27, 1911 - This morning at about 2 o'clock on a large swift tide on Nestucca bar, Willis Cox and George Kessler were carried down into the surf and drowned. This evening one body and boat, one hat, two oars, and the net were found about 2 miles south of the bar on the beach.

Jul. 28, 1911 - I hauled 20 cases of cheese to the dock and brought a load of supplies back. One of the drowned fishermen was found on the beach near Neskowin.

Jul. 29,1911 - Ole, Willie, Roy, Frankie, Herbert and I went to Cloverdale. We bought oil clothes and boots for fishing. George Kessler, the drowned fisherman, was buried this evening at the Oretown Cemetery. His father and 1 brother from Newberg, Ore. were present. The other fisherman's body is still missing.

Jul. 30, 1911 - Ole & Willie went to Cloverdale after the boat they bought.

Aug. 5, 1911 - Mr. & Mrs. Porter left for the East today for a reunion of the Sweet family. Ole hauled them to Sheridan.

Aug. 9, 1911- Clint Miles and I are going to start fishing. Andrew Peterson is going to work my team on the road doing the rocking.

Aug. 13, 1911 - Clint and I came over the hill today. So far, we have caught 27 chinooks, and the largest of the season up to this date weighed 53 lbs. We are getting 3 cents a lb.

Aug. 27, 1911 - Caught a chinook this week, 56 lbs. The gasoline boat, Frolic, from Bay City came in Nestucca Bay today. She is 60' long.

Aug. 28, 1911 - The Frolic took a party of joyriders to Haystack Rock. Most of them were seasick. Willie went also. At 11 o'clock this evening a very large meteor sailed across the sky lighing up everything like day.

Aug. 29, 1911 - The Frolic left for Bay City.

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