Excerpts from the Lars John Redberg Diaries of 1909 - 1912 of Life in South Tillamook County especially of Oretown, Oregon.

Edna Redberg very kindly excerpted these interesting portions of the Lars John Redberg Diaries and provided them to NVMS. Note that the complete diaries of Lars John Redberg spanning many years are in the Pioneer Museum in Tillamook, Oregon. They were donated by Erwin and Edna Redberg.

Typed and edited by Dean Bones.

Page 20 -  January 1909 - October 5, 1909

May 1, 1912 - We attended church at the Grange Hall this evening. 2 Portland preachers. Wife and I visited school today. The children have gained considerable knowledge with Miss Bergenroth as teacher. Grading for new house each day with Ole's help. Dr. Williams is practicing in Cloverdale.

May 10, 1912 - Stretched wire on new chicken yard.

May 12, 1912 - 98 degrees in the shade at 5:50 PM. Frankie, Herbert & I went to Steinmassle's for his tool chest full of carpenter tools.

May 13, 1912 - Mr. Steinmassle & Wirt Sappinton came here today, and I helped them lay the foundation for our new house.

May 23, 1912 - Ole hauled the new boiler for the Oretown Co-Operation Cheese Co. from the dock to the factory. W.W. Christensen & some others helped him.

Jun. 3, 1912 - While the men worked on the new house, I tore the ceiling out of the old one. The M.W. of A gave a dance in their new hall at Cloverdale tonight.

Jun. 7 & 8, 1912 - Mr. Wilson & Mr. Lightfoot completed both chimneys.

Jun 12, 1912 - We moved some of the things in the old hous into the new house. Men still working on new one.

Jun 19, 1912 - Lester Atterbury & I worked on the new backhouse. W.W. Christensen was here today and insured our new house with "Tower Columbia Fire Relief Assn."

Jun. 28, 1912 - Wife & I went to Cloverdale today to buy cloth, paper & paint & varnish.

Jul. 2, 1912 - Took buggy & wagon springs and some fixtures for the mower up to Arthur Foster to be repaired. Also had him shod my "Prince" horse. Ole went to Cloverdale for his new hay rake.

Jul. 3, 1912 - About 8 AM while trying to cross out over the Nestucca Bar in a small boat, Warren & Jim Johnson were drowned.

Jul. 5, 1912 - About 6 PM Jim Johnson was found on the north spit near where he drowned.

Jul. 6 - Ole & I helped dig grave in Oretown Cemetary for Jim Johnson. Jim's sisters, Ester and Anna, brother Charlie, mother, Mrs. Dudley and step-father Morris Dudley were there at services. Warren has not been found tho we still search. Have done blasting at bar. No body.

Jul 9, 1912 - Warren's coat found on the beach about halfway between bar & Slab Creek.

Jul 12, 1912 - Mrs. Porter went up Slab Creek to Winters by auto this afternoon to see Winter's sick boy.

Jul 14, 1912 - Meyer's auto truck went to Slab Creek today with a large load of passengers. They went back this evening to Hebo.

Jul 21, 1912 - Mrs. Wilson baptised in Little Nestucca River at J.B. Foster's. Mr. Halberg officiated.

Jul 24, 1912 - Ole & I hauled 32 cases of cheese to dock. Hauled waterpipe, etc., back. County commissioner Farmer, Surveyor Jackson and many others were viewing the road to be across the tideland.

Jul 25, 1912 - Officers elected at Grange Hall.

Jul. 26, 1912 - I hauled 16 cases cheese.

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