Transcripts of Interviews of South Tillamook County People

Updated March 3, 2023 (40 transcripts!)

Please understand that these are transcripts of actual interviews. As such they include everything said or heard on the tape. Sometimes there are many 'uhs', 'ums', 'hms' etc. Many times people start with one thought and then interrupt that comment with comments about something else, so that some interviews are difficult to follow. Also, many times people being interviewed stopped talking as if waiting for a response. There are many "Hms" and other such sounds from the interviewer that once made would prompt the person being interviewed to continue talking.

It's my hope to some day extract the important information from the interviews and write separate articles from each interview that are easier to read and understand. But for now . . .

A very huge and sincere thank you goes to Darleen Cole who spent hours and hours listening to tapes of interviews and transcribing everything said in the interviews. She not only did a superb job but she did the very tedious transcribing with a very kind smile and gracious spirit! Dean

Baertlein, Elizabeth MCCLANE, who tried to provide information about Dolph School that her mother attended

Bauer, Gerald mostly about Neskowin School and the Neskowin area during the 1930s

Bentley, Eunice BECKER mostly about Beaver Grade School and growing up in Beaver, Oregon, along with details about her families, the Beckers and Bentleys with some information about the Hemlock Church of the Nazarene (currently Countryside Church of the Nazarene 2011)

Blanchard, Shirley LOBB mostly about Brown School, living on Borba Road in the Blaine Road area and about her family life

Blanchard, Tom who shared about Hemlock School, growing up in the Hemlock area, living in the Blaine Road area especially on Borba Road and about his life and family

Bones, Raymond schools of Meda and Beaver and life in Beaver, Oregon

Borba, Quintin about Brown and Beaver Schools, life on Blaine Road east of Beaver, and about his family

Borba, Quintin - Quintin agreed to be interviewed during a workshop about collecting interviews. He was asked many random questions mostly about his growing up years east of Beaver and his years during raising a family but also about other topics relating to Tillamook County.

Brown Jim - It is important to establish that Jim Brown was the principal of Nestucca Union High School for 24 years from 1962 - 1986. He moved in to South Tillamook County, and although he did NOT grow up in the area he certainly was in the area a very long time and met and interacted with many of the people living here. The students interviewing Mr. Brown did not completely understand that he did NOT grow up in the area or attend school in the area. Many of the questions asked of him were really about growing up in the area, and you'll note that many of Mr. Brown's answers to those questions were answers that addressed his working as high school principal and relationswhips there. I am guessing that he assumed that the students had been prepped about his background, although many of the middle school teachers did NOT grow up in South County and did not really have a strong background of his life either. You will notice a disconnect many times.

Know, though, that the staff and students at the time this interview was done were learning about how to do interviews, learning about how to interact with many people outside of school and really were in interested in learning about local history. The students were in the midst of a tremendous learning experience as they talked with people about the real local world instead of simply learning through textbooks about people out there somewhere in the world.   It was both a good thing for the students to learn and value local history from people who were locals at one time and such a great project to preserve local history information.

Be prepared to laugh with Mr. Brown at some of the questions and random responses from students while noticing many of his kind and thoughtful responses and the students sincere responses to his answers. db

Browning, Rollin mostly about Silver Falls School southeast of Blaine, about his family including his extended family, and about his life in the Powder Creek area on the Upper Nestucca River

Brust, Edna CASON Johnson, mostly about teaching school at East Creek School which was southeast of East Creek which is off of Moon Creek Road east of Blaine with information also about the Blaine community and her family - Gwen Ayers Jones was at the interview also and contributed information as well.

Carver, Gene about his attending Slab Creek School east of Neskowin with some information about his family life

Creecy, Edward Jr., living in Beaver, Oregon, going to school at East Beaver Creek School, having a mom who was a local teacher at East Beaver School and Hemlock School, briefly about Nestucca High School, some of his experiences during WWII and his life in general

Crocker, Susanne RUTSCHMAN Duvall, an interview about her life - Susanne taught all levels of K - 12 school in a career that included Lincoln City, South Tillamook County and in Tillamook. She played piano and organ at Beaver Community Church for many years as well and was involved in many aspects of ministry there. And she had many piano students throughout the years. What a treasure this woman was to so many people.

Crockett, Ruth REDBERG about her younger years in the Oretown area, attending Oretown School, the Oretown Grange, her parents and family, her own family, teaching at Boulder Creek School, teaching at Pacific City School and teaching at Cloverdale School

Davis, Ray who had a wonderful memory of his life in the Castle Rock area south of Hebo, attending Castle Rock School and about his family

Dougherty, Mary Ann EGGER, mostly about her years growing up on Wolf Creek Road off of Blaine Road east of Beaver, Oregon, Wolf Creek School, Beaver Grade School, the Egger Family and her own Dougherty family

Dunn, J.C. and Stella as interviewed by Mildred Davy on February 12, 1968 This is an interesting interview about the Dunns and their history and lives in the Meda area.

Edwards, Lorena WILLIAMS, interviewed at about age 94 mostly about living in the Sandlake area and about her family history which includes living in the Tillamook area and briefly in the Nehalem area

Fox, Hobert, interviewed in 2002 about schooling at Hemlock. He also includes some family history and stories of his working experiences.

Hagestrom, Vieva LEWALLEN, mostly about growing up in the Hebo area about a mile south of Hebo on Highway 22 and about her family

Haines, Joseph "Joe" mostly about Brown and Beaver Schools and life in Beaver and the Bays creek area. Joe was a brother of Helen Haines Phelps and an uncle of Gloria Sisco. If you search out the Brown School and Beaver School photos during the 30s you'll see Joe Haines' incredible smile. He's the one with crutches. And when I interviewed him in his assisted living home he had the same wonderful smile and positive attitude. db

Hanneman, Paul who moved to the Pacific City area when he was 9 years old and who talks mostly about the use of dories, building dories, racing dories, fishing with dories etc. He also shares general information about the area and about being in the House of Representatives in Oregon. He shares some very funny stories and comments.

Ihnat, Anita GANN, mostly about Hebo Grade School

Johnson, Barbara GILMAN Heitsman, growing up near Woods and living in Beaver, Oregon

Jones, Gwen AYER offering many details about growing up on Blaine Road east of Beaver, Oregon, details about the Blaine area and telling about her family

Kiser, Pearl DAWSON Johnson about Beaver Grade School, living in Beaver and about her family

Muessig, Betty SCHULMERICH mostly about her years in Beaver Grade School with some added information about the town of Beaver and about her dad, Wes Schulmerich

Nash, Dorothy CHRISTENSEN Parks growing up near Oretown, Oregon

Nufer, Rose PHELPS Dawson, an interview mostly about her school days at East Beaver Creek School

Phelps, Helen HAINES with a wide variety of topics that include Wolf Creek School and the area between the 4th and 5th bridges on Blaine Road, East Beaver Creek School and the area of East Beaver Creek, the Hemlock area, driving school bus for Hemlock and Beaver Grade Schools and about the Haines and Phelps families.

Porter, Marjorie Mildred GRIFFITHS, who agreed to be interviewed as part of a class on how to collect histories and do interviews. Marjorie was interviewed about her younger years as well as life on the Porter family farm

Rock, Wilford - This interview was done by Gerry Hysmith in 1998. There is very interesting information in this interview that Wilford "Bill" shares.

Schrock, Naomi LARREW mostly about Silver Creek School and the Upper Nestucca area

Sears, Bill - This interview transcript is mostly about Bill growing up in Tierra del Mar. Note that the interview was done as teachers and classes at NVMS - Nestucca Valley Middle School were just learning how to do interviews of people. There is a main student leading the interview. I assume that the teacher and the rest of the class of students were also in the room listening. It's obvious at times that the students do not have a complete grasp of where the Tierra del Mar community is or exactly what the time period is when Bill grew up. And there are some very random questions and comments by students. Know, though, that the students were in the midst of a tremendous learning experience as they talked with people about the real local world instead of simply learning through textbooks about people out there somewhere in the world.   It was both a good thing for the students to learn and value local history from people who were locals at one time and such a great project to preserve local history information. Note, be prepared to fill in the blanks as there are many unfinished sentences that were recorded. db

Sisco, Gloria NICKLAUS, mostly about Beaver Grade School, growing up in the Boulder Creek Area and about her family

Smith, Verna May POLAND, who shared about attending Neskowin School and living in the Neskowin area

Strong, Betty WOODS mostly about her years at Beaver Grade School and her family life

Woodward, Dorothea BENFIELD , mostly about her schooling at Boulder Creek School and Brown School with some information about life on the Benfield Farm just east of the 5th bridge on Blaine Road

Yates, Ed & Ginger ADAMS school life at Sandlake Grade School & Nestucca High School, life in Sandlake and Oretown and general information about South Tillamook County

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