Stories Written and Told About South Tillamook County History

Across Hebo Mountain, written by Leonard Whitmore in 1977 is a short well-researched history of a trail over Mt. Hebo beginning during the winter of 1853 - 54. At the time of writing this history Leonard's position at the Hebo Ranger District of the US Forest Service was Cultural Resource Technician. Leonard loved stories about the history of our area including the rich Indian history. He was a very kind man, a terrific storyteller and with his seemingly permanent smile loved people.

I will note that on the 2nd page of this brief history Leonard tells that the original name given Mr. Hebo was Mt. Heavo. I've read that account before, but I encourage you to check out local history for yourself in the Tillamook Pioneer Museum as I know that I've read another account of the naming of Mr. Hebo that was given by a man who states that he knew the person who named the mountain the name Mt. Nebo taken from the Bible. The assumption was that because the person who named the mountain had poor handwriting the person who officially recorded the name for the state of Oregon thought the N was an H. Whichever is correct enjoy the reading and learning about this history of Mt. Hebo. db

Autobiographical information written by Patricia Jo Balmer Lynk - Pat's parents were Bill and Jo Balmer who lived in Hebo for many years. The Balmers moved to Hebo in 1951 when Pat was a junior. She shares brief information about her parents' lineage and then shares her memories of Nestucca. See also "Journey of the Ripley Family 1889," a typed copy of a journal that the Ripley family (William [Bill Sr.] Balmer mother's family) kept during a 1889 covered wagon crossing from Missouri to Oregon.

Blaine School Information Sheet written by Robert Browning. Robert remembers so many details about Blaine School and life near Blaine. He was a terrific source of information about the Blaine area. A Nestucca Valley Middle School student typed this information in May of 2003 as part of technology assignments.

Brief history of the Call/Dawson family that came to Oretown from Grand Junction, Colorado, in 1908 by covered wagon written by Anna Call Bones

Dolph, written by Lloyd McKillip about the town of Dolph

Early Days in Sandlake - The Old House written by Maude Sherwood

Early Days of Meriwether, a scan of the 1976 50th Anniversary Program for Camp Meriwether, a Boy Scout camp, which is located just south of Cape Lookout

Early Experiences in Tillamook, Oregon by Mabel Noyes Falks
, Mabel writes about the Oretown area about dairy farming, the cannery, fishing, school in Otis and boarding there with the West family. This link will open a pdf document.

Excerpts from a letter written by Nora Holgate Treadwell on June 4, 2001, about the East Beaver Creek area

Family and Military History of Eugene D. Hayden, I.D. 39-328-200 is a wonderful detailed history of Eugene's life in South Tillamook County especially in the Hebo area with connections to the Sandlake and Beaver areas. He went to grade school at Hebo Grade School and high school at Nestucca Union High School. He also details much of his military experience as well as other work experience and family life. Eugene's paternal grandparents were the parents of Emma Hayden Saling who was a postmistress in Beaver and of Edna Hayden Woods who with her husband operated what is now Woodstock Dairy just east of the 1st bridge on Blaine Road. Emma and Edna were two of the sweetest ladies I knew as a kid.

Gerald Bauer'sThoughts About South Tillamook County in the Early Days is about the Neskowin area during the 1930s - until about the 1960s

Golda's Story: Adventures of a Woman Marine in WWII - In this scanned copy of an article that appeared in 'Nouncements, a publication of the Women Marines Association, Vol. 1, 2011, Golda Hammel Fabian, a 1941 graduate of Nestucca Union High School is featured.

Hazel Bend, written by John Blalock about the community that existed in the early 1900s between the 5th and 6th bridges of the Blaine Road area east of Beaver

Gram's Story by Mabel Dunn Groskey, 1905 - 1925 - This wonderful history of the Dunn family in the Little Nestucca River area is chock full of memories! Wilma Dunn Hagerty Rowland gave me the email address of a granddaughter of Mable Dunn Goskey's. I contacted her to ask if I could post "Gram's Story" on, and she very graciously gave her permission. db

In Letter From George Porter, 1986, George Porter, who grew up on East Beaver Creek Road near Hemlock answers questions posed by a person named Lyle. I'm guessing that Lyle was a student at Beaver Grade School. George's letter is short only addressing the questions asked, but it has some interesting facts and a glimpse of George's great sense of humor. Note that in the letter when he is referring to the mink farm he is thinking of the, in 2015, Pengelly property just south of Beaver on the north side, the Texaco station referred to is currently Shell station in Beaver, the farm his parents owned is currently the Roos Dairy on East Beaver Creek Road, the school on his parents' property was East Beaver Creek School, Helen Phelps' farm was the last home and barn on the road, and the new school of Hemlock he refers to later became the Masonic Hall just north of the Artichoke Farm.

My Life, the autobiography of Bob Vogel, 1937 graduate of Nestucca Union High School who lived near Oretown during his school years. Bob also writes about hiis wife, Virginia Bauer Vogel, who grew up in the Neskowin area. A transcript of an interview with Virginia's brother, Gerald Bauer,is on the SouthTillamookCounty Transcripts page.

My Memories and Acquired Knowledge of Sandlake School by Mildred Brode Wilkins

Pioneer Days in Nestucca Valley, written by Bert Ray about the Cloverdale area. Mr. Ray was born about 1875.

The Principle Events in the Life of Harry Beerman, written by Harry George Beerman who moved with his step-father, mother and sister to the Upper Nestucca area about 11 miles east of Beaver and two miles south in a remote area of the forest near the confluence of Niagara Creek and Beulah Creek later known during the 50s and 60s as the Gehrke place. This article is about Harry's remembrances of Silver Creek Falls school and a brief history of his life. Read his other story, My Days on the Gehrke Homestead for some interesting stories mostly about life on the homestead.

Ray Bones' Writings

Remembering My Schooling Years at Wolf Creek and Beaver Schools by Janella Jones Flatt.

Sandlake School and Community by Grace Atkinson Lane

"Short History of the Little Nestucca River Valley and Its Early Pioneers" written by Alexandria Ley Rock mainly about the area around Oretown. Mrs. Rock completed this writing in 1949. Note that the copy that was used by students to type this history for the web was done on typing paper by a woman who thought she had the only copy of the writing. She typed during her lunch hour at work and graciously shared a copy of her typing with us.

Silver Falls School written by Dorothy Browning Pieren

The Siuslaw National Forest in 1910 - 11 As I remember It by C. P. Cronk who worked for the Forest Service in Hebo in 1910 - 1911. (Note that there is a small area torn off the last page. If anyone has a better copy of this document I would love to scan it to fill in for the tear.)

Steve Bauer, The Old Homestead, about the Steve Bauer family who lived 6 miles up Neskowin Creek which was better known as Slab Creek east of Neskowin

Tales of Oregon, written by John Blalock of a series of events of the Blalock family including a house fire in the 5th bridge area of the Blaine Road

Tales of Oregon Country, written by John Blalock of life between the 5th and 6th bridges of the Blaine Road area in the early 1900s

Way Back When Highlights written by Bertha Powell Monroe Kase, mother of 10 children, mostly about her life in Tillamook including traveling into Tillamook on the boat Sue Elmore in about 1910 and running businesses in Tillamook. Also included is some information about living in Hebo and running a business there as well. Towards the end of her story she tells about owning a tavern in Beaver, The Green Parrot, before it sold to Clare Ekborg. And she reveals that she "fed the children at noon before they got the cafeteria there" at Beaver Grade School. Then she and her husband owned and ran the Beaver Cash Grocery for a few years.

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