Stories of South Tillamook County and More!

Updated on January 30, 2024. There are now 127 stories. The stories are in order of the name of the author or the person who is the focus of the story if possible.

The most recent stories are: Lindley, Daniel - Pacific City Dories - The author interviewed Jack Gilman who tells some great stories of dory fishing.; Summers, Charles B. - Over the Waves - The Dory Boats of Pacific City; Burke, Orrin E. - Record of the beginning of the Cloverale Baptist Church ; Bullock, Cher - If You're Interested in Nestucca Valley History, Walt Fisher's the Man to Hear; Mundorff, Maurice J. - The Mundorff Family - sharing a brief history of the Mundorff family living east of Hebo; Tooker, LtCol Donald K, USMC (Ret) - Knocking Down a Japanese Fighter - the Hard Way - an amazing story about a man who grew up in Cloverdale; Donald E. McIntosh - Transporting Cheese Before 1905; an updated copy of Cloverdale - Ideal for Summer Homes ; Stasek, Marguerite about the early town of Woods; Taylor, Jay - For the Love of It - A Short History of Commercial Fishing in Pacific City, Oregon. Note that this last story is an earlier writing of an edited story by the same name as you will read below, but this story includes more information about a number of local fishermen.

1899 Tillamook Headlight article about cranberries at Sand Lake

Allen, Sonia L. "Sunny" PHELPS McCawley - The Good Old Days of Dory Fishing is about the history of dory fishing in Pacific City, Oregon.

Baertlein, Elizabeth & Audrey McClane - School and Kids on the Little Nestucca mostly about schooling in Meda and Dolph

Baertlein, Elizabeth HENRY - Henry & Baertlein Family History - Elizabeth wrote so mnay details or her growing up years in this story of her family and of her Baertlein family. Enjoy as you read about her riding her horse to school, of her attendance at Cloverdale High School, of her short teaching career and of much more.

Bauer, Gerald - Thoughts About South Tillamook County in the Early Days is about the Neskowin area during the 1930s - until about the 1960s

Bauer, ? about Steve Bauer - The Old Homestead, about the Steve Bauer family who lived 6 miles up Neskowin Creek which was better known as Slab Creek east of Neskowin

Beem, Kathleen writing on behalf of her mother, LaVerne Eldora MILES Williams  - about living in the Oretown area, living near her Follett grandparents (What is the exact location?), visiting her Miles grandparents on Sandlake Road north of Woods, attending several schools and much, much more. Her story is very interesting to read as she includes many details including some funny stories.

Beerman, Harry - My Life on the Gehrke Homestead & More, who moved with his step-father, mother and sister to the Upper Nestucca area about 11 miles east of Beaver and two miles south in a remote area of the forest near the confluence of Niagara Creek and Beulah Creek later known during the 50s and 60s as the Gehrke place. This article is about Harry's remembrances of Silver Creek Falls school and a brief history of his life.

Bixby, Joseph - Article in Portrait and Biographical Record, - This short article is about Joseph Bixby who at one time had 378 acres in the Beaver area, owned a mercantile store in Beaver, owned half of the Beaver cheese factory and hosted the post office in his store.

Blalock, John R. - From John R. Blalock about the Chopard Family in a Letter to Tamara Hulburt - The Chopard family lived just past the 4th bridge on Blaine Road on what is now Blankenship Road. The Blalock family lived across the Nestucca River on Borba Road. (This letter was typed by Nick G., a student at Nestucca Valley Middle School in 2002.)

Blalock, John R. - Hazel Bend about the community that existed in the early 1900s between the 5th and 6th bridges of the Blaine Road area east of Beaver

Blalock, John R. - Tales of Oregon - Going to the Beach - about life between the 5th and 6th bridges of the Blaine Road area in the early 1900s

Blalock, John R. - Tales of Oregon Country - Hazel Bend and Brown School - about life between the 5th and 6th bridges of the Blaine Road area in the early 1900s

Blalock, John R. - Tales of Oregon - The Blalock Family, about a series of events of the Blalock family including a house fire in the 5th bridge area of the Blaine Road

Blalock, John R. - Through Fire and Through Water - John lived on a homestead on what is now Borba Road off of Blaine Road. Middle School students and I met John at The Gathering, a celebration of the work Nestucca Valley Middle School - NVMS students had done researching, documenting and presenting local history as well as participating in service learning projects during the current school year. Anyone with a connection to the local area was invited with special attention being given to people who were willing to share their histories of our area with their stories that might be recorded, with their photos that would be scanned, etc. The Gathering was held annually for a few years in the early 2000s at Nestucca Valley Middle School in Beaver. John, at about 90 years old, shared memories of living in the area. At this time John briefly mentioned this story of his internment in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in the Phillipines. At the start of the Japanese invation of China John was a missionary serving in China. He tells the story of having to leave China for safety in the Phillipines. His internment lasted from January 5, 1942, to March 3, 1945 during WWII. This story was originally published in book form. Note that John describes in vivid detail what it was like to survive in the internment camp for several years while so many others died of starvation or other troubles.

Blalock, Reuben Young - Excerpts from his autobiography - Reuben homesteaded on what is now Borba Road which enters Blaine Road on the left just west of the 5th bridge on Blaine Road. His son was John Blalock who has a number of stories listed above this entry. Pastor Reuben Blalock wrote in detail about the churches and organizations he worked with and sometimes wrote about the details of his sermons and meetings. However, I excerpted the parts of the autobiography that pertain to to his growing up years and to living and working in South Tillamook County. Thank you to James Fox, Jr., for pointing me to a rewrite of this autobiography he found on Ancestry which led me to the original writing

Blum, Minnie NELSON - South Tillamook County from 1881 -1990s, - This story appeared in the Tillamook Headlight-Herald in 1959. In it Minnie tells rembrances of life in South Tillamook County including names of people who lived in various area. She also tells about her grandparents who lived on the north side of the Nestucca River near the mouth of Three Rivers.

Blum, Minnie NELSON about the family of George S. & Elizabeth Nelson - Minnie tells about her family's journey from Kansas to Hebo, Oregon. And she shares a few stories of the trials that happened on their homestead east of Hebo along with her love of the area.

Bones, Anna CALL - Brief history of the Call/Dawson family, the family's trip to Oregon by covered wagon in 1908 and early life in Oretown and Meda They came to Oretown from Grand Junction, Colorado. (Revised August 30, 2022)

Bones, Raymond Elsworth - War Stories. I finally got it done! On January 13, 2023, I finished working on combining and reformatting 4 stories that had been written and some were oral recordings about Dad Bones' war experiences in WWII. Note that Dad very rarely shared any information about his experiences in the war. However, after getting a small recorder he began recording his memories and began writing down some thoughts. And here are the stories for you to read.

Borba, John - Starting out in South Tillamook County. This is a very brief history of the John and Rosa Suares Borba family when they came to Tillamook County. (I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know what the source of this information is. Dean Bones)

Brassfield, Howard - Answering Student Questions about Living in South Tillamook County and about Hebo School  - Howard answers miscellaneous questions about living in Tillamook County past and present along with a few questions about Hebo school.


Browning, Robert - Blaine School Information Sheet - Robert remembers so many details about Blaine School and life near Blaine. He was a terrific source of information about the Blaine area. A Nestucca Valley Middle School student typed this information in May of 2003 as part of technology assignments.

Bullock, Cher - If You're Interested in Nestucca Valley History, Walt Fisher's the Man to Hear - In a 1989, February 8th Headlight-Herald article Cher writes down South Tillamook County history as told by Walt Fisher in an interview he did with her. There is so much information in this article about Walt's and his family's life as well as life in general in South Tillamook County including telling about traveling to the Woods area from back East when he was 5 years old, Walt being one of 7 milkers on a dairy farm of 125 cows milking by hand when he was 7 years old, digging clams for his father's chowder house in Pacific City,selling hs mother's bread and cookies to campers in the campgrounds,and there is so much more information included.

Bunn, Alvis W. & Sarah E Heater - A Biography from the Centennial History of Oregon - This article provides information about Alvis' parents, Benjamin & Martha J. SAMPSON Bunn who homesteaded in Beaver. Alvis eventually homesteaded 160 acres bordering his parents' 160 acres. Much of the town of Beaver is on what used to be the Bunn farms.

Burke, Orrin E. - Record of Beginning of the Cloverale Baptist Church - Mr. Burke details the very early beginnings of the Cloverdale Baptist Church and mentions an earlier name, Nestucca Bay Baptist Church and the names of two other local churches, Hebo Baptist Church and Mr. Hebo Church. Orrin shares that the information for his article was copied from a writing furnished by Clyde Hudson.

Camp Meriwether - Early Days of Meriwether, excerpted from writings of Ken Wells. This is a scan of the 1976 50th Anniversary Program for Camp Meriwether including historical information. Camp Meriwether, a Boy Scout camp, is located just south of Cape Lookout.

Carlson, Nora HOLGATE - about the History of East Beaver Creek School Nora attended East Beaver Creek School in the early 1900s. She details some of her experiences and what the school was like.

Christensen, Beverly PHILLIPS - Berkey, Fred & Ester and Family The Fred and Ester Berkey family moved to the Blaine area in 1910. Fred and Ester were the parents of well-known radio personality Mildred BERKEY Davy who was born while the family lived in the Blaine area. This story has wonderful details about the move to the Blaine area and their isolated life there in addition to other details about the family.

Cloverdale - Ideal for Summer Homes printed by Courier Press of Cloverdale, Oregon - This is a copy of brochure produced probably in the 1920s advertising lots in the Park Addition in Cloverdale. There's a map of Cloverdale that includes the Park Addition. There is also a "Cloverdale Directory" in the back of the brocure showing businesses in town at the time. db

Coop, Nella Grace HOLGATE - A Letter About East Beaver Creek School written by Nora Treadwell who shares stories her mother, Nella Grace HOLGATE Coop, told about living on East Beaver Creek Road and attending East Beaver Creek School. There is also information about the John and Ovilla Holgate family and how they ended up living on East Beaver Creek Road north of Beaver. Note that this letter was typed by Brittney L., a student at Nestucca Valley Middle School in 2002 or 2003 as part of her technology class.

Cronk, C.P. - The Siuslaw National Forest in 1910 - 11 As I remember It who worked for the Forest Service in Hebo in 1910 - 1911. (Note that there is a small area torn off the last page. If anyone has a better copy of this document I would love to scan it to fill in for the tear.)

Daniel, Ivan W. - Remembrances of the 1940s and 1950s This short remembrance is mostly about Pacific City.

Davis, Ray C. - Schooling at Castle Rock School east of Hebo, Oregon. Ray C Davis wrote a letter in 1998 to Wayne Jensen, Director of the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum about some of his memories of attending Castle Rock School east of Hebo, Oregon.

Derting, Margaret CREECY - Hemlock School and East Beaver Creek School - Margaret CREECY Derting was the daughter of Edith MYERS Creecy who taught school in the area including Hemlock School and East Beaver Creek School. Margaret very briefly shares memories of East Beaver Creek and Hemlock Schools.

Fabian, Golda Faye HAMMELL - Autobiographical Information is a detailed list of answers to questions Nestucca Valley Middle School students about Golda Faye HAMMELL Fabian's childhood and schooling. Subjects include the town of Cloverdale where her parents owned businesses, Cloverdale and Nestucca Union High Schools and her life growing up in Cloverdale. Note that Golda was a Woman Marine and very proud of that fact. And also her dad built the Anchorage Motel in Pacific City.

Fabian, Golda, HAMMELL - Golda's Story: Adventures of a Woman Marine in WWII - In this scanned copy of an article that appeared in 'Nouncements, a publication of the Women Marines Association, Vol. 1, 2011, Golda HAMMEL Fabian, a 1941 graduate of Nestucca Union High School is featured.

Falks, Mabel NOYES - Early Experiences in Tillamook, Oregon, Mabel writes about the Oretown area about dairy farming, the cannery, fishing, school in Otis and boarding on Slab Creek Road with the West family.

Farmer, Herman M. - A Man Who Likes Hard Work Like Road Building Herman moved to Tillamook County in 1874. In about 1879 his family moved to a pre-emption clain where the now named Farmer Creek joins the Nestucca River between Beaver and Hebo. A brother helped him hand-saw all the lumber to build a very nice home that is still standing on what in 2023 is known as the Brassfield farm. Herman was a county commissioner and worked for many years road building including supervising road building in South Tillamook County. db

Fern, Druscilla MEASOR - Answering Questions about Wolf Creek & Boulder Creek Schools by Drusilla MEASOR Fern - Drusilla Wolf Creek and Boulder Creek schools and briefly answers questions about those schools.

Flatt, Janella JONES - Remembering My Schooling Years at Wolf Creek and Beaver Schools by Janella JONES  Flatt.

Flatt, Janella JONES Memories of Raising, Gathering and Preserving Our Food at Home When I Was a Child Janella lived on Tony Creek off of Blaine Road and attended Wolf Creek and Boulder Schools as a child.

Grewell, Bettie Elizabeth LARSEN - Our Lady of the Month, This is a one page article published January, 1977, by Tillamook Care Center about Bettie Grewell who had recently moved to the care center from the community of Cloverdale where she lived for years. At that time she was in her 90s. Bettie and her husband Pern, Pernel Pearl Grewell, lived in the home that Dean & Laura SCHROCK Bones currently live in in Cloverdale. Note that the article states that Bettie's husband was "Parn", but that is incorrect.

Groskey, Mabel DUNN - Gram's Story especially about the Meda area is chock full of memories! Wilma DUNN Hagerty Rowland gave me the email address of a granddaughter of Mable DUNN Goskey's. I contacted her to ask if I could post "Gram's Story" on, and she very graciously gave her permission. db

Hayden, Eugene D. - Family and Military History of Eugene D. Hayden, I.D. 39-328-200 is a wonderful detailed history of Eugene's life in South Tillamook County especially in the Hebo area with connections to the Sandlake and Beaver areas. He went to grade school at Hebo Grade School and high school at Nestucca Union High School. He also details much of his military experience as well as other work experience and family life. Eugene's paternal grandparents were the parents of Emma Hayden Saling who was a postmistress in Beaver and of Edna Hayden Woods who with her husband operated what is now Woodstock Dairy just east of the 1st bridge on Blaine Road. Emma and Edna were two of the sweetest ladies I knew as a kid.

Hayden, Eugene - Miscellaneous Information about South Tillamook County - Eugene wrote briefly about Hebo, Dairy farming, cheese factories, lookouts, logging, sawmills, fishing, a local doctor and Nestucca Union High School. Eugene was in the graduating class of 1941.

History of Saunders, Hansen, Andersen and Jensen Families Who Homesteaded in Nestucca Valley near Hebo and Cloverdale in the 1870s - - This article written by an unknown author details members of early settlers Saunders, Hansen, Andersen and Jensen families and their early history in South Tillamook County.Almost all of the town of Hebo is on land which was part of the original Jensen homestead. It was Nels Peter Jensen who donated the land for the Hebo School when nothing else in town existed.

Hofferber, Michael - Blaine, a Tillamook Headlight Herald article published January 28, 1981- This is an interestingly written article with random facts, comments by a variety of people and  interviews with some of the residents of the Blaine area in 1981. 

Hunnicutt, Connie GROSHONG - My Life in Cloverdale, Oregon Connie gives a brief history of living in Cloverdale as a child up to the time she was a sophomore. Her dad, Merrill Groshong, was the druggist in town. He and his wife, Florence, sold the drugstore in 1944 to Max Rothenberger.

Jensen, Adella BAYS - Moving to Tillamook County From Washington by - This article was written by Adella Jensen when she ws 91 about the move her family made in 1890 from Washington state to the Beaver and Blaine area in 1890. Information is included about the William Napoleon Bays family, William Smith family and the Mark Curl family. In Smith, Fanny - Pioneer Story of Fannie Smith - Blaine , Fannie Smith writes about the same trip.

Jensen, Hans Lars - Pioneering in Tillamook County - This is a story Hans Lars Jensen wrote about his travel with his family in 1878 when he was a child from California to the Cloverdale and Hebo area. He includes interesting stories and descripions of life in the early years including hunting, getting supplies in to the area, waling 3 miles to school and more. You'll be interested to read about a great fire in about 1880 and a tidal wave in about 1884.

Jensen, Lars - Article in the Portrait and Biographical Record -This article gives a brief history of Lars family and life in Denmark before he came to America in 1872. He eventually homesteaded near Hebo, Oregon. Included is a brief history of his life in South Tillamook County.

Johansen, Bud - South Tillamook County Memories, with rich stories of living south of Hebo, Hebo School, Nestucca Union High School and other topics.

Jones, Ivah LOBAN Browning - Blaine Country - Ivah tells stories of her family coming to the Upper Nestucca River area and homesteading. She had an interesting chldhood and loved to be outside working and hunting.

Jones, Lucia Madora DUVALL a brief history of a family that moved into the Upper Nestucca River area about 3 miles into the forest from the current milepost 13 on Upper Nestucca River Road. There are several brief paragraphs about 4 kids ages 9 - 12 whose mother died. Their dad had a job in Salem and would leave the children alone for months at a time. The kids attended Silver Falls School. Lucia, at 9 - 10 years old did the cooking while another brother hunted for food.

Jones, Mary Gwendolyn AYER - Letter about Family & brief South Tillamook County History

Karn, Hazel EMMETT - Dear Mrs. Hysmith - Hazel EMMETT Karn tells some stories about the Emmett family. Hazel's uncle, Ep Emmett developed the Little Nestucca River road and delivered mail to the area. She also shares family information about the town of Dolph.

Kase, Bertha POWELL Munro - Way Back When Highlights Note that one of Bertha's granddaughters, Patrecia L. Carson, sent me this article in 2013. Here is a letter she sent with this story! Bertha was the mother of 10 children. This story is mostly about her life in Tillamook including traveling into Tillamook on the boat Sue Elmore in about 1910 and running businesses in Tillamook. Also included is some information about living in Hebo and running a business there as well. Towards the end of her story she tells about owning a tavern in Beaver, The Green Parrot, before it sold to Clare Ekborg. And she reveals that she "fed the children at noon before they got the cafeteria there" at Beaver Grade School. Then she and her husband owned and ran the Beaver Cash Grocery for a few years. Note that in this story in spelling the name Munro, Bertha uses the spelling "Monroe" which is NOT how the Munro name was spelled by others in the family including her husband's parents, her children and grandchildren. On Ancestry all of the Munros I have read about spelled their family's name M U N R O. db

Kautz, Bob - Dear Gerry Hysmith - Here Is Another Chapter of the Dolph Hotel. Bob gives information about the Dolph Hotel originally named Sulpher Springs Hotel and about families on the little Nestucca River at the time the letter was written which is unknown.

Kennedy, Laura Ellen RHODES - A newspaper article about Laura Kennedy in which she recalls memories of coming to Oregon with her parents, grandparents and other relatives from Colorado. The family purchased 4 farms in Nestucca Valley. She married Jesse Grant Kennedy and lived in the Cloverdale area for about 30 years.

King, William Duane - A Coast Trip from Salem to Neskowin in 1893 - Williams tells details about the trip from Salem on a route that has changed dramatically in the years since 1893. It took 48 hours to travel from Salem to the Slab Creek area. The family was away from home for 3 weeks.

Lane, Grace ATKINSON Chaney - Sandlake School and Community

Larrew, May Flower DETWILER - History of the Blaine Sunday School written in 1952 - This article appeared in the Missionary Evangel in 1952 telling about the start of Sunday School in the Blaine area and culminates with the building of Blaine Mennonite Church which was dedicated in 1952.

Launt, Mina Adela OTT Hall - History of Hebo from 1914 - about 1930. Mina lived in Hebo from 1914 - 1923 or 1924. She writes mostly about her father's businesses in Hebo. If you have ever seen an old photo of Hebo you might have wondered what the P.D. stood for in the name of her dad's service station, P.D. Ott. You'll find out in this story.

LaVigne, Hazel BURKE Griffin - Brief Informtation about Cloverdale, Oregon and the Landingham/Burke Families The Landingham homestead encompassed much of the land to the north of Cloverdale across the Nestucca River but did include some land south of the Nestucca.

Learned, Grace EDMUNDS - a long history of living in Tillamook County - Grace's great-grandfather, Charles Westley Smith, a brother of early settler Hiram Smith who came to Tillamook County in 1854 arrived in Tillamook in 1863 and homesteaded. A year later his only daughter, Amanda and her husband, Joseph G. Donaldson, moved to Tillamook and established a homestead. Over the years Joseph and Amanda had 14 children in Tillamook. Grace's father, Dwight Thompson Edmunds moved from Iowas via Yamhill, Oregon, and taught in the Fairview school. He met Grace's mother, Cordelia Florence Donaldson, and they married in 1890. Grace's parents were very involved in the Tillamook community before buying a number of properties in Pacific City and moving there in 1910. She tells a number of stories about Pacific City including about her parents' hotel, the Edmunds Hotel. Grace's children, Victor Jr., Shirley LEARNED Gault, and Edmund Learned all attended Nestucca Union High School

Learned, Grace EDMONDS - Writing about her husband, Victor Learned, Sr. -  Grace tells about Victor's life from childhood to older years. What a life of varied jobs Victor had including owning the Confectionary store in Cloverdale.

Lindley, Daniel - Pacific City Dories -  - Written in 1994, Mr. Lindley features information from Jack Gilman about his experiences and his family's experiences dory fishing. The late Jack Gilman of Cloverdale shares interesting stores.

Lobb, Ruth Louise OWENS - Brief Owens' History Louise answers a few of the questions asked by Nestucca Valley Middle School.

Lynk, Patricia Jo BALMER - Autobiographical information - Pat's parents were Bill and Jo Balmer who lived in Hebo for many years. The Balmers moved to Hebo in 1951 when Pat was a junior. She shares brief information about her parents' lineage and then shares her memories of Nestucca. See also "Journey of the Ripley Family 1889," a typed copy of a journal that the Ripley family (William [Bill Sr.] Balmer mother's family) kept during a 1889 covered wagon crossing from Missouri to Oregon.

Magarrell, Virgil P. - This letter about Virgil P. Magarrell was written by his granddaughter, Roxie Putman. She very kindly and generously sent a history that her grandfather, Virgil P. Magarrell, had written. His history is the next entry below this one.

Magerrell, Virgil P. - Things I Remember About the Woods - Pacific City Area Virgil Magarrell wrote about Woods beginning with his first time seeing it in 1893. He continues writing about Woods and Pacific City from that time until about 1910.

McIntosh, Donald E. - Transporting Cheese Before 1905 - Mr. McIntosh wrote this article in October of 1971. Donald McIntosh's father, Peter D. McIntosh, told this story to Donald about Peter and Fred Christensen moving just about the entire year's output of cheese from the Oretown Cheese Factory very late in the fall. They actually moved the cheese by boat up the Nestucca River to Beaver over a period of several days! There are a few facts that Donald has wrong including that they took the boat a few miles past Beaver. That couldn't have happened. And he states that it was 8 or so miles from Beaver to Tillamook. It was much longer than that especially since the highway followed a longer route at the time. But what a great story about what we might now consider an impossible task.

McKillip, Lloyd - Dolph, written about the town of Dolph

McWayne, Ruth Ellen COLE - Partial History of the Virgil Coleman "VC" & Marjorie Henrietta EPPERSON Cole Family living in South Tillamook County - Ruth Ellen explains how her parents and family ended up east of Beaver from originally living in Kansas.

Mentzer, Leta BONES Williams - Brief History was written by Leta BONES Williams Mentzer mainly answering questions about her schooling years in Meda, Beaver with a brief mention of Nestucca Union High School.

Messner, Ella Katherine STUIVENGA - 1890 - 1977 - Ella tells of her early life and moving to the Tillamook area. She continues with her family history in or near Tillamook, her jobs from age 12 until marriage and her life with Bill Messner. She and Bill raised their family for many years in the Hebo and Mt. Hebo area.

Messner, Frank - Working and Living on Mr. Hebo in the 1920s and 1930s Frank gives some details about his family which included his parents and a brother and sister who homesteaded east of Hebo. His dad worked for the head ranger of the Forest Service stationed near Hebo. Billy Messner, Frank's dad, packed in to the top of Mt. Hebo trees to plant, materials to build a lookout and many other materials. And the family lived on Mr. Hebo during the summers for 2 years as a lookout was built.

Miles, Lea CHOPARD - A Christmas Memory - The Chopard family lived, I believe, just past the 5th bridge on Blaine Road east of Beaver on what is now called Blankenship Road. I think that their farm was the only farm on that road. This is a short story, but it's very enjoyable reading about what it was like at Christmas time in 1919.

Mundorff, Maurice J. - The Mundorff Family - The Mundorff family lived on what is now called Highway 22 east of Hebo. This is a brief history that Maurice wrote and generouly sent to Nestucca Valley Middle School in 2001 to be included in the school's Heritage Project.

Headlight Herald newspater article - Myers, Oswald K. - This is a Headlight Herald article from 1944 or 1945 announcing that Oswald K. Myers was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action on November 1944. - Note that Oswald was at that time married to Hildred HAGESTROM Myers who later became Hildred HAGESTROM Hall who co-owned a grocery store in Cloverdale with her husband Dick Hall. Oswald's parents lived in Beaver at the time. He was one of triplets. The other two are buried in Beaver Cemetery.Lois KELLOW Shull provided this article.

Nash, Dorothy CHRISTENSEN Parks - Christoffer A. and Henrietta Eunice Anne HARDMAN Christensen- who lived for many years in the Oretown area. It's fascinating to read this account of their lives and note the huge differences in how people are able to live today with stores close by, etc.

Pieren, Dorothy BROWNING - Silver Falls School

Porter, George - Letter From George Porter, 1986, who grew up on East Beaver Creek Road near Hemlock answers questions posed by a person named Lyle. I'm guessing that Lyle was a student at Beaver Grade School. George's letter is short only addressing the questions asked, but it has some interesting facts and a glimpse of George's great sense of humor. Note that in the letter when he is referring to the mink farm he is thinking of the, in 2015, Pengelly property just south of Beaver on the north side, the Texaco station referred to is currently Shell station in Beaver, the farm his parents owned is currently the Roos Dairy on East Beaver Creek Road, the school on his parents' property was East Beaver Creek School, Helen Phelps' farm was the last home and barn on the road, and the new school of Hemlock he refers to later became the Masonic Hall just north of the Artichoke Farm.

Ramsey, Guy Reed - Blaine Post Office, a Family Affair - This is a story highlighting the history of the Blaine Post Office in Blaine, Oregon, especially featuring the William Smith family and his descendants including the Earl Reuben Ayer family.

Ray, Bert - Pioneer Days in Nestucca Valley about the Cloverdale area. Mr. Ray was born about 1875. Note that Bert Ray's given name was Robert Russell Ray. He was born in 1875 and was the youngest son of Lester Ray Sr. and a brother to Charles Ray who founded Cloverdale.

Ray, Kenneth - The Ray Family - This includes an extensive history of the Ray family that includes Booth families, and Wood families which included information about Joseph & Mary Wood who the town of Woods is named for. Also included is the Nestucca Valley history entitled Pioneer Days in the Nestucca Valley written by Bert Ray. The writings in this history are full of details of so many local people.

Redberg, Edna C. KIRBY - Remembrances of Oretown and Surrounding Areas

Redberg, Lars John - A newspaper article about a South County PUD substation named and dedicated in the memory of L.R. Redberg.

Reed, Robert - Cloverdale Lodge No.126 A.F. & A.M. Our First 100 years 1904 - 2004 This very detailed history was written by Robert T. Reed, November 2004.

Reusser, Kenneth - Newspaper article, "Cloverdale Flyer Escapes Death in Crash"

Reusser, Kenneth - Newspaper article, "Man Shot Down in Viet Nam"

Rock, Alexandria LEY - "Short History of the Little Nestucca River Valley and Its Early Pioneers mainly about the area around Oretown. Mrs. Rock completed this writing in 1949. Note that the copy that was used by students to type this history for the web was done on typing paper by a woman who thought she had the only copy of the writing. She typed during her lunch hour at work and graciously shared a copy of her typing with us.

Rowland, Wilma DUNN Hagerty - Remembrances of Meda School by Wilma DUNN Hagerty Rowland includes a description of the physical layout of Meda School and other memories of some of the school events including Halloween.

Schild, Lois GEORGE - Doctor John Leonard George - Dr. George practiced for awhile in South Tillamook County and owned property between Hebo and Cloverdale for many years.  

Schrock, Naomi Kathryn LARREW - Memories of a Little One Room School - Silver Falls School In this article Naomi shares memories of attending Silver Falls School, District #62,  which was about 13.5 miles east of Beaver on what is now Upper Nestucca River Road.

Schrock, Reuben - A Brief Overview of My Schooling Years by Reuben H. Schrock answering questions posed by Nestucca Valley Middle School students in 2002 about his schooling years. Note that Reuben went to school in Kansas and the Sheridan, Oregon, areas before moving to the Blaine Road area east of Beaver, Oregon.

Sherwood, Maude WEBB - Early Days in Sandlake The Old House - Maude has written many wonderful details about growing up in the Sandlake area and about her family. This is a great read that contains much information! 

Smith, Fanny - Pioneer Story of Fannie Smith - Blaine written in an unknown year about the William Smith family, William Napoleon & Sarah Elizabth Bays family and the Marcus Curl family traveling in 1890 from Spokane County, Washington, to the Blaine area. Adella BAYS  Jensen writes about the same trip in Moving to Tillamook County from Washington.

Sorensen, Doris Ann MITCHELL - My Memories - Doris tells about growing up in Louisiana, meeting her future husband, Willard Sorensen, marrying him and moving to a farm on Blaine Road. She shares some memories of life on Blaine Road beginning in the later 1940s.

Sorensen, Doris - This Is Your Life Susanne RUTSCHMAN Duvall Crocker - Doris interviewed Susanne in 2006 and then wrote this This Is Your Life story that spans Susanne's life from her birth. Susanne was such a treasure to so many people having taught school in Tillamook, Beaver, Hebo, Cloverdale, Lincoln City and even at the start in a one-room school in Orenco, Oregon. This woman taught for 52 years! Susanne also taught piano to so many students over a long span of years having 35 students at one time all the while as she was also teaching school. And she was the church pianist for a number of churches with her longest stint being in Beaver Community Church. At Beaver Community Church Susanne also started and led a number of ministries while participating in others.

Spring, Florence Carol PHILLIPS - Catching the Stage at Dolph - Written March 11, 1968 - In this handwritten letter Carol tells about a trip from Tillamook to Dolph in a little horse-drawn buggy staying the night along the way in Beaver. She had an interesting ride in the stage from Dolph to Sheridan. Note that Florence Carol PHILLIPS Spring's daughter and son-in-law, Douglas and Geraldine Machen, Carol's father and mother, Stanley Herbert & Emma Louise SPENCER Phillips, and other relatives are all buried in Beaver Cemetery.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church Celebrates 100 years. - This publication by the Oregon Catholic Historical Society in spring of 2022 recognizes Cloverdale's St. Joseph's Catholic Church celebrating 100 years.

Stasek, Marguerite - The Town of Woods - Marguerite Stasek (a later married name was Tittle) was the Tillamook County Treasuer for many years. She wrote this article about information she had from a Garret Ward who lived in Woods in the early years before 1900. She mentions a few facts that Garret shared with her, and she also includes names of a number of the prominent citizens of Woods, their occupations, and how many people were in their families.

Strong, Betty WOODS - The Ancestors of Betty WOODS Strong Betty tells about her maternal ancestors, the Haydens, moving to the Beaver area with a very brief history of them living in the area. She also mentions her paternal ancestors, the James Woods family.

Summers, Charles B. - Over the Waves - The Dory Boats of Pacific City - Written in 1990 this article is a general but brief overview of the history of dory boats in Pacific City recounting incidents that brought about changes over the years.

Summers, Charles B. - The Pacific City Dory - Written in 2002 this wonderful article tells about the used of dories in Pacific City and tells about the building of them by Victor Learned, Terry Learned and his daughters.

Taylor III, Joseph E. - For the Love of It - A Short History of Commercial Fishing in Pacific City, Oregon - published in January 1991 in the Pacific Northwest Quarterly. Note that this article was edited from the one below before it was published in 1991. Much of the information is the same although a number of sentences have been restructured with some of the information in the original article below left out in this story. The story below has more information about a number of local people who were interviewed for the article.

Taylor, Jay - For the Love of It - A Short History of Commercial Fishing in Pacific City, Oregon - Yes, this is almost the same story as the one posted above by the same author. But this story was completed in December of 1989 while the story above was published a year and 1 month later. This version has more information on the following local people: Charlie Edmunds, Syd Fisher, Walt Fisher, Ernest Gilman, Jack Gilman, Warren Gilman, Victor Learned, Sr., Victor Learned, Jr., and Ray Monroe.

Tillamook County's First Cheese FactoriesThe author of this article is unknown. It was written many years ago and features Merriman Foland of Beaver among others who were first involved in making cheese in Tillamook County.

Tooker, LtCol Donald K, USMC (Ret) - Knocking Down a Japanese Fighter - the Hard WayThis is an amazing story of an air battle featuring Capt. Kenneth L. Reusser who grew up in Cloverdale. The bridge in Cloverdale now has a plaque on the south side honoring Reusser who is the most highly decorated Marine aviator having earned 59 medals in WWII, the Korean War and the Viet Nam War. He is the only aviator to survive being shot down in all three wars.

Vogel, Bob - My Life, (Updated on January 12th, 2023!)the autobiography of Bob Vogel, 1937 graduate of Nestucca Union High School who lived near Oretown during his school years. What an incredible memory Bob had! He wrote this life story when he was almost 94 years old in 2011.In this life story Bob writes about growing up on a dairy farm between Oretown and Neskowin. And what impressive stories. Bob also shares stories about his jobs and places he's lived. Get in a comfortable place and read My Life and learn the heart of Bob Vogel. Bob also writes about his wife, Virginia Bauer Vogel, who grew up in the Neskowin area. Look in Interview Transcripts for a transcript of an interview with Virginia's brother, Gerald Bauer.

Wallace, George Washington, Jr. "G. W."- George Washington Wallace and his wife, Fanny BUNN Wallace had a farm in the Hemlock area where they had 9 children. G.W. was very involved in the life of South Tillamook County.

Ward, Keith Dale - The Ward Family Living in the Neskowin Area of South Tillamook County, Oregon- Keith Ward tells many stories of growing up on a farm in the Neskowin area of South Tillamook County. He tells many stories of happenings on and near their family farm. You wil find yourself smiling and laughing with Keith as he enables us to picture his life on the farm.

Westley, Bill - A Letter About Family and Schools They Attended

Westley, Bill - Hemlock School is a remembrance of the physical features of Hemlock School which was located 3 miles north of Beaver as well as selected memories of experiences of attending Hemlock School. Bill is also the author of Answering Questions About Growing Up in South Tillamook County, a mini autobiography of growing up iespecially in the Hemlock area.

Whitmore, Leonard - Across Hebo Mountain, written in 1977 is a short well-researched history of a trail over Mt. Hebo beginning during the winter of 1853 - 54. At the time of writing this history Leonard's position at the Hebo Ranger District of the US Forest Service was Cultural Resource Technician. Leonard loved stories about the history of our area including the rich Indian history. He was a very kind man, a terrific storyteller and with his seemingly permanent smile loved people Here is a scanned copy of a newspaper article about the "Original trail to valley 'proved' by resident" that written about Leonard and his research of the early trail. Note that the scan of the newspaper article had a flub at the end of the scan of the article. Here are parts of the last two paragraphs that did not scan correctly: "The trail continued to be used by Indians from the reservation for travel to the Nestucca River. With consruction of the wagon road from Grand Rounde down the Litt Nestucca River . . . "

(I will note that on the 2nd page of this brief history Leonard tells that the original name given Mr. Hebo was Mt. Heavo. I've read that account before, but I encourage you to check out local history for yourself in the Tillamook Pioneer Museum as I know that I've read another account of the naming of Mr. Hebo that was given by a man who states that he knew the person who named the mountain the name Mt. Nebo taken from the Bible. The assumption was that because the person who named the mountain had poor handwriting the person who officially recorded the name for the state of Oregon thought the N was an H. Whichever is correct enjoy the reading and learning about this history of Mt. Hebo. db)

Whitmore, Leonard - The Great Forest Fire of 1845 - The great fire of 1845 were engulfed by flames in 1845 destroying most of the old growth timer of the area.

Widenoja, Mary Jane RICHARDS - Answering Questions - Comments about Beaver School Taken from Students Notes Interviewing Mary Jane RICHARDS Widenoja - Mary Jane's grandparents came from Ohio on a train in 1885 because her mother's brother lived in Beaver. Her mother's brother and wife, Christopher and Samantha Mills, are the people who deeded the town of Beaver. Mary Jane's father, R.O. Richards later became a Tillamook County Commissioner. Mary Jane attended Beaver School beginning in 1924. She also attended high school Beaver for 2 years before going to Tillamook High School. Note that this article was typed by Dean Bones from found notes taken by students of Nestucca Valley Middle School who interviewed Mary Jane.

Wilkins, Mildred BRODE - My Memories and Acquired Knowledge of Sandlake School - Using her very interesting style of writing Mildred gives us a wonderful word picture of Sandlake School and includes related stories. Mildred also filled out answers to questions that Nestucca Valley Middle School sent to her. You can read her comments here!

Wood, Mary Elizabeth ATKINSON - This short writing contains several short stories about the building of Woods and living in Woods in South Tillamook County.

Woods, Ray and Letha "Skip" WOODS Schroeder share about the Woods family and a few stories of the Moon Creek area near Blaine, Oregon

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